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Top spots to visit in Florence, Tuscany, and the Italian Riviera

Apr 20, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

The landscapes of Tuscany and the Italian Riviera are something to behold, but perhaps what makes them even more impressive is the incredible architecture that dots these landscapes. From Renaissance masterpieces to medieval fortifications, these are some of the best spots you’ll uncover as you wander through Florence, Tuscany & the Italian Riviera on tour.

Lucca, Italy


Founded by the Etruscans in 180 B.C., Lucca is famous for the Renaissance-era walls that still surround the city, adding a medieval charm to the cobblestone streets filled with shops. Remainders of a Roman amphitheater are evident when standing in the midst of Lucca’s main plaza, the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro.

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The Duomo in Florence, Italy

The Duomo, Florence

One of the most stunning architectural structures in Florence, the Duomo is Brunelleschi’s masterpiece that sits atop the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The exterior of the church is made of beautiful pink and green marble, and the iconic brick dome is the largest one of its kind ever constructed.

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Manarola Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is most well-known for the quaint, colorful houses that dot its cliffside. The reason for their colorful facades, according to local lore, is that fishermen wanted to be able to spot their houses while they were working out on the water. Much of Cinque Terre’s charm is due to the fact that these cliffside villages seem untouched by modern technology, with a noticeable lack of transportation and chain stores.

Soak in Cinque Terre’s charm on our Northern Italy & Cinque Terre Walking Tour

Piccolomini Library in Siena

Piccolomini Library, Siena

Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the Piccolomini Library in Siena. With every wall decorated with 16th-century frescoes by the artist Pinturicchio, this masterpiece stands out even within Siena’s impressive white-and-green striped marble church.

Visit Siena on our Tuscany Walking Tour

Lake Como

Lake Como

The third-largest alpine lake in Italy, Lake Como is the epitome of glitz and glamour. From the expansive villas that span the lakefront to the popular Bellagio resort, Lake Como is a sensory overload of vibrant colors.

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