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Beat the heat on tour: Tips for staying cool on tour

Jul 18, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Summer is one of our favorite times to travel—but it also comes with heat and humidity. Here’s how to keep cool while traveling so you can focus on enjoying the experience (not worrying about when you’ll get your next shower).

Inside the Louvre in Paris, France

Pack a lightweight cooling towel

These super absorbent, easy-to-pack towels are a brilliant solution when you need an instant cooldown. Soak one in water and wring it out—the towel will stay light but function almost like an ice pack and give you some relief from the heat!

Seek out museums

Air conditioning isn’t as prevalent in Europe as it is in the U.S., but you’ll find it in museums, libraries, churches, and a number of other attractions. If the heat is slowing you down, pop into a museum you’ve been looking forward to checking out and keep cool while you browse.

Carry a water bottle

Walking in the sun can make you dehydrated, and it’s not always easy to stop somewhere and duck into a shop to pick up a bottle of water. To make sure you always have a drink on hand, pack a flat, reusable water bottle in your suitcase. Fill it up at your hotel before you leave for the day, and refill whenever you spot a water fountain or sit down for a meal. Keep in mind that it may be unsafe (or just unpleasant) to drink tap water in some countries, so make sure you check before you fill up.

Watch your alcohol intake

While a cold stein of beer or crisp glass of wine can sound like sweet relief from the heat, too much can have the opposite effect. Have one glass of water for each glass of alcohol consumed to make sure you stay hydrated for the duration of your trip.

Keep face wipes in your bag

One swipe of a cleansing towelette will instantly freshen up your skin so you can take a smiling photo without worrying about how tired and sweaty you look.

Remember to layer

It may be hot outside, but visiting restaurants or museums with high-powered air conditioning can throw your internal temperature off track. Carry some light layers so you can throw on a sweater or scarf when you enter a cooler building—not to mention churches where you’ll need to keep knees and shoulders covered, too.

Avoid the hottest part of the day

If your itinerary allows for it, try to keep your most active outings to the early mornings or evenings, when the sun is not as strong. Stick to shady or air conditioned spots during the hottest part of the day—or use that as an excuse to take a leisurely lunch or afternoon siesta.

When all else fails, eat some gelato

Nothing will cool you down faster than a cold, creamy bite of ice cream. Or, try one of these other refreshing desserts.

What are your tips for staying cool during your summer travels? Share your tips with us on Facebook!

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