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4 Tips for inspiring repeat travelers for group tours

Mar 20, 2017 by Jamie Gallerani

43 Group Coordinators, guests, and Go Ahead staff had an amazing time on their Convention Tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they shared their top tips for encouraging repeat travelers. Here are four of their ideas for inspiring group members to join you on tour again and again—and for having fun while you grow your network.


Make personal connections

When it comes to inspiring your group members to come along on future tours, establishing personal connections is the place to start. Get to know each individual by rotating who you sit with on the bus as you travel between destinations. Or, seat yourself next to new people at dinners. Making it a point to spend one-on-one time with each group member will highlight shared interests and foster deeper friendships. Those connections let travelers know they’re an important part of your travel community and will encourage them to join in on more adventures!


Snap a photo of every traveler People often get caught up taking photos of scenery and forget to get a picture of themselves in dream destinations. Help your group members capture their special memories by offering to take a photo of them on tour. It’s a simple, fun way to make travelers feel special, and sending each person their snapshot is the perfect reason to reach out after tour. Plus, you can include your travelers’ photos in an album, add them to a homemade calendar, or post them to Facebook. These are all ways to make each group member feel included and let them know they’re part of your treasured travel memories, too.


Host a post-tour party Seeing the world is an unforgettable experience that stays with you long after you return home. So, while hosting pre-tour parties is the ideal way to get group members prepared for tour, throwing a bash after your adventure is the best way to bask in the afterglow of your trip. It’s an opportunity to hand out little souvenirs from the destinations you visited, whip up the dishes or drinks you enjoyed on tour, and relive good memories by sharing a photo album of your journey—with your travelers’ photos included, of course! Plus, reconnecting with your group after tour is the perfect time to start planning and recruiting for future adventures.


Cap off your trip in an unforgettable way Each tour is full of life-changing moments, and acknowledging all the wonderful things you and your group have seen and done is the perfect way to round out your trip. Get your group laughing by reenacting travel moments in a funny skit, raise a heartfelt toast at the farewell dinner, or ask each traveler to share their favorite memory from tour. Doing something memorable to celebrate your shared journey encourages your group to reflect on how much the adventure meant to them, and will be top of mind when considering whether or not to join in on future tours.

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