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9 must-know packing tips for a trip Antarctica

Jan 15, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Packing can be tough for any destination, but add in the icy waters and sub-zero temps of a cruise to Antarctica and it takes trip preparation to a whole different level. Traveler Jenny embarked on that very journey last year, which she called her most incredible travel experience ever. Check out her expert packing tips below.


1. Pack lots of layers

“During excursions, I wore a thermal shirt, a polar fleece pullover, a fleece coat and a rain coat on top, with thermal pants, polar fleece pants and rain pants on the bottom. I also wore two pairs of socks (Smart Wool is a great brand), snowboarding gloves and a wool hat. Remember to bring a neck warmer or scarf—I forgot mine and wished I had one.”

Antarctica Cruise

2. Bring proper fabrics

“Keep in mind that it’s best to pack items made of fabrics such as wool, silk and polypropylene—they keep your skin drier than cotton, so you’ll stay warmer.”

Wet landing excursion in Antarctica

3. Wear waterproof items

“Waterproof ski pants, jackets, gloves and backpacks will keep you, your camera and your binoculars dry, while tall rubber boots are necessary for wet landings.”

Irma in Antarctica

4. Know where to rent or buy gear

“Depending on when you are traveling or where you live, it may be tough to find warm gear in your hometown. The city of Ushuaia has a store where you can rent warm coats, pants and more. Plus, the ship will provide rubber boots for everyone.”

On tour in Antarctica

5. Don’t bother packing formal clothes

“The ship is very casual—we wore jeans or sweats while on board—and you’re not really on land in Argentina for too long.”

Jenny in Antarctica

6. Be prepared for photo ops

“I recommend gloves that can attach to your coat sleeves, as you’ll want to take them off on occasion to take lots of photos.”

7. Bring backup seasickness medicine

“Even if you’re not usually prone to seasickness, it’s best to be prepared just in case. Bring Dramamine, wrist bands or prescription patches. Snacking on a green apple or ginger can also be helpful, as well as getting a good night’s sleep.”

8. Remember sun protection

“The sun’s glare off the polar ice can be intense, so polarized, wrap-around sunglasses will shield your eyes while proper SPF will protect exposed skin.”

Seal in Antarctica

9. Know your power source

“Power outlets on board the ship are 110V—electronics from the U.S. won’t need adapters.”

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