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Our new Group Coordinator Ambassador program is here!

May 28, 2019 by Emily Houston

We’re excited to announce that we’ve relaunched our Ambassador program! We invited our new crop of Ambassadors, who are Group Coordinators, into the Boston office to celebrate the occasion. Keep reading to learn about the new program and find out what our Ambassadors got up to during their trip.

We relaunched our Ambassador program to reward travelers who love spreading the word about Go Ahead Tours. Our first group of Ambassadors (who are also Group Coordinators) eat, sleep, dream travel, and they’re using this passion to inspire more people to discover the world with Go Ahead Tours.

On top of recruiting travelers for their tours, Ambassadors will take on additional responsibilities to help grow the Group Travel Program. They’ll refer new Group Coordinators or individual travelers, advocate for Go Ahead Tours on social media and in their community, and earn Global Points for mentoring fellow Group Coordinators. (P.S.—Even if you’re not an Ambassador, you can still earn extra Global Points through the Group Coordinator Referral Program.)

The Ambassadors also attended info sessions led by Go Ahead Tours staff members while they were at the Boston office. These sessions covered everything from how to talk about Go Ahead Tours with your travelers, to how to recruit new group members. Meet a few of our Ambassadors and see what they learned during the Ambassador weekend!

“I got some great tips about language to use when promoting our trips with Go Ahead Tours. For me, my biggest takeaway was how to talk about the things that add value to our tours. I learned that I should highlight that all details are handled by Go Ahead Tours, all tours come with local guides and an expert Tour Director, and Go Ahead Tours handles emergencies and any itinerary changes due to world events. We should be showing travelers they only need to pack their bags and get to the airport!” —Kelly G., Group Coordinator

“When it comes to being a successful, positive mentor, I learned the importance of asking questions to find out what the mentee needs. Actively listen and offer actionable solutions and timetables to help the Group Coordinator you’re mentoring. Following up with them is equally important. Find out what worked and what still is showing up as an obstacle so you can keep the encouragement and ideas flowing.” — Carol M., Group Coordinator

“I came away from the weekend with the confidence to introduce Go Ahead Tours in many of my everyday situations. For example, if I am in a line or on a plane and I chat with people about travel, I now say ‘I would love to help you to travel the world. Do you have a group of friends that would be interested in traveling with you? Let me show you how you can earn yourself a free trip and see the world!’ After the weekend in Boston, I have a new confidence and motivation to do more promoting!” —Denise F., Group Coordinator

Interested in learning more about our Ambassador program? Call your Tour Consultant today!

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