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boats docked in a marina in the french riviera
Travel stories

Jimmy in Provence, the Riviera & Tuscany

Jan 13, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

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Overflowing with iconic art, renowned cuisine, and incredible scenery, France and Italy are fitting stops for Jimmy’s first tour. Kicking off his year-long journey around the world, our Provence, the Riviera & Tuscany tour starts off in Provence, then travels along the sun-soaked cities of the French Riviera, eventually ending among the Renaissance art of Italy. Here, get a closer look at Jimmy’s trip.

The sunny shores of the French Riviera

Jimmy captured beautiful, beachy scenes in famous French Riviera towns like Nice and along the Côte d’Azur.


Taking to the water in Cassis to soak in views of the charming harbor town and impressive calanques, the oceanside cliffs.


A marina packed with sailboats in Nice.


Exploring the Villa Ephrusi (check out the amazing view through the window!).

Behind the scenes: wine tasting in Provence

Jimmy spent an evening sipping French wines in Provence during an excursion on tour. Here’s a glimpse at what the excursion entailed—and what Jimmy had to say about the experience.

field filled with white flowers surrounded by rocky mountains in provence france

The excursion began with a castle tour in a charming, rustic village less than an hour outside Aix-en-Provence. Then, the group headed to a local winery for some of the Riviera’s famous wines. Located at the bottom of the Saint-Victoire Mountain, the winery offers spectacular views of the mountain Cézanne so famously painted—in addition to serving as the perfect backdrop for warm, glowing sunsets.

“My favorite part of the tasting was the awesome setting combined with the time of the day,” Jimmy said. “We were lucky enough to have a wonderful sunset. It was absolutely awesome to witness… and photograph!”

man explaining the various wines at tasting in france

But aside from the stunning scenery, this evening was all about the wine. Rosé in particular is a specialty of the French Riviera—it accounts for more than half of the production of Provençal wine.

“The rosé was my favorite,” said Jimmy. “It goes so well with the warm climate because it’s so refreshing and fruitful.”

After enjoying tastes of a few different varieties, the excursion concluded with a local dinner featuring Provençal dishes made with savory herbs. It was an evening of good food and drink, and held some new discoveries for Jimmy.

“I learned that the juice that comes from white and red grapes is the same color, relatively transparent with a gold tint,” he said. “But the color of red wine comes from the color of the skin that the wine maker allows to soak in the juice for a few days.”

Siena’s famous cathedral

castle on top of a hill in siena italy

“The cathedral in Siena is very beautiful, with a facade that mixes many architectural styles, like French Gothic and Tuscan Romanesque. This photo was taken from the ravine just outside the city, on a perfect sunny day.”

Check out our full Provence, the Riviera & Tuscany itinerary, and share your favorite travel memories on our Facebook page!

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