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Travel tips

How to deal with a travel delay

Oct 19, 2017 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

One trait all world travelers share? The ability to make the most out of an unexpected situation, like a travel delay. Read on for a refresher of what steps you can take if your flight to tour is delayed—and how to spend the extra time during your surprise stop.

Airport travel delay

What to do if your flight is delayed

A flight delay or cancellation during a trip is never ideal, but every once and a while it does happen. If it does, your most important jobs are to stay calm, be flexible, and keep a positive attitude. (You’re going on an amazing adventure, after all!)

The first step to take is to work directly with your airline to get more information about your options. It’s their responsibility to rebook your flight if necessary. Let them know that you’re joining a group tour and it’s important to land as close to your original arrival time as possible.

Have a question? Our On-Tour Support Team is here to offer advice and help you navigate any issues that come up during the rebooking process. To contact us, just call the 24/7 phone number included in your Go Kit, which comes in the mail a few weeks before you leave.

If you’ve booked your airfare with Go Ahead, a good rule of thumb is to contact our On-Tour Support Team once you’ve received your updated flight information from the airline. We can make sure your Tour Director knows about your updated arrival time, and also help you arrange your own transportation from the airport to the hotel if you’ll miss your scheduled transfer due to the delay.

Make the most of your extra time


Faced with some unanticipated time in the airport? Use it to relax before your next flight. Find an area where you can take some deep breaths and stretch out. The Helsinki, Chicago, and Frankfurt Airports even have dedicated yoga rooms where travelers can find some peace and quiet!

Go for a walk

If you’re traveling internationally and waiting for a connecting flight, chances are you’ve been sitting for quite a while. Use your time off the plane to take a stroll around your airport terminal and get your legs moving again. (Plus, you can pop into any shops that catch your eye along the way.)

Play a game

With a portable, travel-sized game or a deck of cards in your carry-on, you’ll be prepared to play away your extra time. Or, to save some space in your bag, load up your smartphone with some gaming apps. You’ll reach the next level of your favorite one before you know it.


Many airport terminals have charging stations, where you can easily plug in your phone, laptop, or tablet. Do this, and you’ll be all set to listen to music or watch movies on your fully charged devices during your next flight.

How do you pass the time at the airport if you have a travel delay? Have any advice to share with other travelers? Share them with us on Facebook.

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