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Holiday Gift Guide: Presents inspired by Peru

Dec 01, 2017 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

We’ve rounded up gift ideas inspired by Peru so you can give fellow adventurers a little piece of travel magic. Whether someone is prepping for an upcoming bucket-list trip to Machu Picchu or simply loves daydreaming of a trek down to this South American gem, these gifts are sure to fuel wanderlust for the year ahead.

Peru has a long history of beautiful handmade textiles, often made with wool from the local llamas and alpacas. In the time of the ancient Incas, artisan textiles were a source of wealth and status. Natural ingredients made vibrant dyes in reds, whites, yellows, blacks, and greens, which were woven into intricate geometric patterns and scenes of daily life. While the age of the Incas has long past, the heritage of textile craftsmanship remains. This Etsy textile maker from neighboring Bolivia hand-makes their designs, which are rooted in traditional Incan patterns inspired by their Andes location.

Sensing a theme here? Brightly woven textiles are a cultural craft in Peru, and a funky camera strap is a fun way to bring the tradition to the modern day. It comes in handy while capturing snapshots of the stunning architecture of Lima’s UNESCO-recognized colonial quarter or the transportive ruins of the Sacred Valley. Barter for an authentic version on tour at the markets in Pisac or Chinchero, or pick up a Peruvian-inspired camera strap here.

Native to Peru and other South American countries, llamas are the oldest domestic animal in the world. A cousin to the camel and the alpaca, llamas have become the unofficial (and adorable) mascot of Peru. They were—and continue to be—incredibly important to indigenous people for transportation, wool, and food. Have someone on your list who loves animals or dreams of coming face to face with the four-legged friends in the mountains of the Sacred Valley? This cute llama mug will bring some extra pep to their morning coffee.

Hailing from the village of Maras in the Andes Mountains of Peru, this flavorful pink salt is a bit like the Peruvian take on Himalayan sea salt. Healthy and unrefined, this artisan salt is hand-collected in terraces in the Sacred Valley. Keep your eyes peeled for a package while browsing the local markets on tour!

Alpaca—the llama’s fluffier relative—is a local favorite, often spotted grazing the Andean landscapes around Machu Picchu and throughout Peru. A fun stocking stuffer, this cute Anthropologie ornament brings some colorful spirit to the tree.

Like Italy’s grappa or Greece’s ouzo, Peruvian pisco is a local liquor that’s made by distilling leftover grape juice from winemaking into high-proof alcohol. On its own, pisco packs a punch—but mixing it up into a cocktail helps balance some of its kick. Pair a bottle of pisco with the ingredients for a pisco sour (that’s lime juice, simple syrup, egg white, and Angostura bitters) for a gift that budding mixologists will love.

Seeing Machu Picchu is a moment that tops plenty of travelers’ bucket lists—and this memoir from Mark Adams brings the thrill of discovery to every reader. Inspired by famed explorer Hiram Bingham, who first rediscovered Machu Picchu after the fall of the Incas, Adams’ writing recounts his attempts to recreate Bingham’s epic trek through the Andes.

Fact: Cookbooks make amazing gifts, especially ones as beautifully designed and culturally authentic as this one from Marin Morales. Beyond the namesake seafood standout, the recipes include a mix of simple standbys, more complex offerings, and classic cocktails that bring the flavors and warmth of South America right into your kitchen.

Still can’t find the perfect present? Give the gift of travel with Go Ahead gift certificates, which are available in any amount and can be used toward any tour or excursion! Call our team at 1.800.590.1170 to purchase one for a travel lover today.

What gets you dreaming of a trip to Peru? Tell us on Facebook, and check out the rest of the 2017 Go Ahead Gift Guides to find presents for other travelers on your list!

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