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Travel buzz

Holiday gift guide: Give yourself the gift of travel!

Dec 02, 2020 by Jamie Gallerani

While we always love good gift ideas for travel lovers, there’s nothing quite like being on tour in a new destination. So, this holiday season, check our our travel gift guide and plan to give yourself the gift of seeing the world this upcoming year—all of us here at Go Ahead Tours are also dreaming of all the adventures to come! To hold you over, here are some of our staffers’ favorite souvenirs that remind them of their travels.

Heidi shares her love of global cookbooks

“I buy a cookbook everywhere I travel and try to recreate my favorite dishes for friends and family. It brings back a little of the magic of that trip or place each time. I got this one while visiting our Go Ahead office in Rome. My dear friend and colleague, Fabrizio, welcomed me to his home city and introduced me to the best bakeries. I picked up this cookbook to remember the experience of exploring the tiny streets of Rome, sampling treats along the way, as Fabrizio said hello to shopkeepers in every family-run shop.” —Heidi, President of Go Ahead Tours

Heidi’s dream trip for 2021: “I love Italy and can’t wait to get back there to enjoy more of the country’s dolce vita, landscapes, history, and of course, food and wine. But, I also have India on my list. As a foodie, cook, and vegetarian, I can’t wait to try some of my favorite dishes and hopefully learn some cooking tips along the way. To experience the flavors, learn about the culture, and see the beauty of this country is a dream of mine!”

Suzi remembers a shared trip to Istanbul

“I picked up these earrings in Istanbul back in 2015. They are special to me because my brother was living in London at the time and I was traveling for work in Europe, so we met in Istanbul for a long weekend. It was the first time we ever traveled together and I think of that trip each time I put them on.” —Suzi, Director of Recruitment and Employee Development

Suzi’s dream trip for 2021: Prague & Budapest

Amanda sips Glühwein on a past trip to Germany

“Each Christmas market in Germany has a specialized mug to serve Glühwein in. On a trip two years ago with my Mom and future mother-in-law, we visited Munich, Nuremburg, and Salzburg to check out the beautiful markets. We decided to bring home a few mugs and every year at Christmas we make our own batch of Glühwein and serve our family and friends out of the mugs we brought home! It’s a great tradition and always reminds us of the fun we had together.” —Amanda, Groups Manager

Amanda’s dream trip for 2021: “I’m dreaming of traveling to Sicily with my Mom! It’s where her family is from and she’s always wanted to visit.”

Nadia warms up with memories of Peru

“I got this souvenir in 2018 before doing the Inca Trail in Cusco, Peru. My alpaca sweater is my favorite because it is super cozy and reminds me of an amazing adventure.” —Nadia, Tour Consultant

Nadia’s dream trip for 2021: “I dream of traveling to Asia, particularly Indonesia in Southeast Asia!”

Joanna counts down the minutes until her next adventure

“This is a cuckoo clock from the House of Black Forest Clocks in the Bavaria region of Germany. I purchased it in 2018 when I realized I didn’t have anything significant to pass down to my kids. Not only is this something that I hope they cherish, it’s also a way to remind them of my worldly travels.” —Joanna, Director of Sales

Joanna’s dream trip for 2021: “I’m dreaming of traveling to Croatia to trace my ancestral roots.”

Merisa remembers the magic of Italy

“I got this at a small, family-run wood-inlay art shop in Sorrento, Italy, while I was on our Venice, Florence & Rome tour! The woman was so kind to me, and we had a great conversation about how her family loves meeting tourists from all over the world. It depicts the Blue Grotto in Capri, which I had the opportunity to visit a few days later, so every time I see it on my wall it brings me back to the magic of that moment.” —Merisa, Traveler Support Specialist

Merisa’s dream trip for 2021: “I’m dreaming of getting out to Australia and Fiji for the first time and visiting New Zealand again.”

Where do you dream of traveling in 2021 & 2022? Have any of your own gift ideas for travel lovers? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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About the author | Jamie Gallerani
It was Jamie’s homestay in Germany that made her fall in love with travel (and her studies in Florence that really sealed the deal). When she’s not writing and sharing the magic of seeing the world with others, she’s usually on the lookout for her new favorite memoir, testing out recipes at home, or visiting her family on Cape Cod.

Give yourself the gift of travel in 2021 & 2022

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