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Global cuisine

Must-try bites from around the globe

Mar 02, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Our team has been on tour all over the world—and that means, collectively, we’ve tried a whole lot of food. So, what are some of the best things we’ve ever eaten on tour?

Manti from Turkey

Manti when I was on Grand tour of Turkey! It’s a Turkish pasta. We had it at an amazing little place with an amazing view, Kandil Cave House in Uçhisar (Cappadocia). We were a very small group so the Tour Director took us there because he knows the owners and the restaurant can’t generally fit larger groups.”

— Anne, Senior Tour Consultant

Pizza from Baffetto in Rome, Italy

“Pizza from Baffetto Pizzeria in Rome. When I first visited Baffetto I went back 3 straight days in a row. The crust is crispy and the sauce tastes so fresh. My favorite toppings: crispy prosciutto or fried egg (pictured).”

—Meghan, Evaluation & Quality Specialist

Stigghiola in Sicily, Italy

“Stigghiola—skewered lamb intestines—in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. It’s an excellent city for street food.”

—Cody, Travel Operations Coordinator

Loukoumades in Athens, Greece

“Loukoumades in Athens, Greece: donuts covered in honey syrup, cinnamon and chocolate and they are as good as they sound.”

—Jessie, Senior Copy Editor

Red wine risotto in Lake Como, Italy

“Red wine risotto with bacon and kidney beans was the perfect dish to have on a rainy day in Lake Como, Italy.”

—Brittany, Group Tour Consultant

Gazpacho for lunch in Granada, Spain

“Gazpacho in Granada—so simple, but it was the best lunch on tour!”

—Rose, Tour Consultant

Seafood paella in Barcelona, Spain

“Seafood paella from Bar Boqueria in Barcelona. While waiting for a spot at the counter I saw many locals ordering the paella, so I figured I would join in—I was not disappointed.”

—Leanne, Tour Consultant

Gorgonzola cream risotto in Aix en Provence

“On a free night in Aix-En-Provence, one of the travelers on my Week in France: Paris, Provence & the French Riviera tour and I went to a little local French restaurant, where I indulged in a bowl of Gorgonzola cream risotto. By far, the best thing I have ever had.”

—Hannah, Tour Consultant

What's your favorite meal you've had during your travels? Share your favorite with us on Facebook!

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