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BlogTravel tipsThe top “Bridgerton” filming locations to visit in the U.K., from the “Queen Charlotte” prequel to season 3 sneak peeks
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The top “Bridgerton” filming locations to visit in the U.K., from the “Queen Charlotte” prequel to season 3 sneak peeks

Dec 14, 2023 by Adam Amundson

We come to you, dearest reader, with a most joyous announcement:

The wait is nearly over! Our favorite guilty-pleasure series finally returns next spring, and we can’t wait to spill the news on the latest Bridgerton filming locations where your favorite characters have been promenading in Regency-era London attire. We were lucky enough to have a spin-off—Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, a prequel highlighting young Queen Charlotte’s rise to power—hold us over while waiting for the next chapter.

This author has been reliably informed about what—or rather, who—will dominate the upcoming social season. While we can’t share everything we know all at once, one thing is certain: Penelope and Colin Bridgerton will be turning heads with their romance—which we’ve all been waiting to happen for some time now.

And so, with a new season, you may wonder: When was Bridgerton filmed? What bucolic settings will our beloved characters be found in? Consider us your guide to every historic locale—and the stand-ins that doubled for the real spots.

It is our greatest honor to impart to you, gentle readers, this list of Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte filming locations you can visit on a trip to England or beyond. From beautifully manicured gardens and sprawling palace estates to grand ballrooms where romance (and gossip!) is guaranteed to ensue, let’s take a deeper look into the Bridgerton film locations that may make an appearance on the new season debuting next spring.

The best Bridgerton filming locations to visit

in London

  • The Reform Club. This 19th-century gentleman’s club on Pall Mall was a place for radical political thinkers. In the land of Bridgerton, it was where the Duke of Hastings and Viscount Bridgerton met in the first episode of season one. It’s right down the street from Trafalgar Square—which you’ll visit on all our trips to London—so it’s an easy stop to make on your own while on our London & Paris tour, for example.
  • Syon House. Located in Brentford’s Syon Park, close to the Royal Botanic Gardens, this historic home was used as Simon’s father’s office and for Queen Charlotte’s dinner meeting place, as well as the location of the ball in season two. (Remember that quartet cover of “Material Girl”?)
  • The Lancaster House. This 19th-century mansion is the site of some of the show’s grandest home interior scenes. (For reference, it’s where Charlotte chats with Edwina in the royal jewel room.) Located in London’s West End, along Green Park and St. James’s Park, it’s a spectacular place for architecture lovers to visit during free time on our London: The City Experience trip.
  • Hampton Court Palace. Hampton Court Palace served as the home of King Henry VIII in real life—and as Queen Charlotte’s pad in Bridgerton. In addition to its gardens used as settings at Buckingham House and Danbury House, the façade doubles as the exterior of Chancery Printing Press in season two, when Eloise meets Theo.
  • The Old Royal Naval College. The Old Royal Naval College in London’s Greenwich neighborhood is a popular filming location (it has also been featured in period dramas like The Crown and Les Misérables), and in Bridgerton season 2, it’s where Anthony agonizes over his mother’s list of eligible women. It’s also used as a backdrop for a market and as the street outside the Featherington home. A costumed cast was rumored to be spotted here filming season 3, so soak up the scenery before the show comes out in the spring. Perhaps that entails exploring 600 years of British history here on a free afternoon during our Highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland tour.
  • Windsor Great Park. This park substitutes for the actual Battersea Fields and Rotten Row in Bridgerton, and in season 2, it’s where the viscount and Miss Sharma have their momentous encounter on horseback. In real life, it’s a public green space on the doorstep of the world’s largest and longest-inhabited castle: Windsor Castle. Book the Windsor Castle excursion offered on our London & Paris trip, where you’ll get to join a Blue Badge Guide on a tour through the State Apartments, St. George’s Chapel, and more.

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The best Bridgerton filming locations to visit

in Bath

  • No. 1 Royal Crescent. The exterior of this beautifully curved, late-1700s aristocratic residence is the home of the Featherington family in Bridgerton. In reality, it’s a museum that gives visitors a glimpse into the lifestyles of past residents. Pass by for an elegant afternoon tea or get a deeper dive into the architecture on a guided sightseeing excursion while on our Grand Tour of Great Britain.
  • Beauford Square & Trim Street. Beauford Square, a small garden behind the Theatre Royal, is where Eloise and Penelope have that big talk about Marina’s pregnancy in Bridgerton season 1. Just next door, Trim Street is where Simon and Daphne meet at the fictional Gunter’s Tea Shop in season 1, episode 3.
  • Abbey Deli. Walk the cobbled streets of Abbey Green and, amongst the charming boutiques, you’ll spot Abbey Deli. Bridgerton set dressers worked their magic to turn this sandwich shop into Modiste, the show’s Parisian-inspired dress shop. Don your best outfit and stroll around in style like the characters in the show.

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Other Bridgerton filming locations

around the UK

  • Badminton House. One of the most jaw-dropping homes in the show is the Duke of Hastings’ residence, which he moves into with Daphne following their wedding. Several kings and queens have visited the 17th-century estate through the years, so, naturally, it was chosen to play a part in the show. Fun fact: It’s just 20 minutes from Highgrove House, the private residence of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.
  • West Wycombe Park. With architecture fusing both Palladian and Neoclassical styles, West Wycombe Park is home to eccentric buildings, scenic fountains, and grand temples—plus one of the finest surviving 18th-century landscape gardens. The estate makes plenty of appearances in Bridgerton as a secondary location of Aubrey Hall—the titular family’s country home—as well as the interior of Anthony’s bedroom (and home of the lake that he notoriously fell into in season 2).
  • Wrotham Park. You may have seen this neo-Palladian country house in Hertfordshire in popular shows and films like The Crown and the Kingsman franchise. If not, you’ll catch plenty of glimpses of this stunner throughout Bridgerton season 2, where it’s used as the main estate for Aubrey Hall. We expect it’ll be just as present a backdrop in the upcoming third season.
  • The Historic Dockyard Chatham. Remember when Lady Featherington took Marina to see the slums in an attempt to scare her? Those scenes took place at this Bridgerton filming location, whose gardens are the ones used for Bridgerton House. In reality, it’s not as glum as it appears on the show. The dockyard sports a rich maritime history and is lined with charming cobbled streets that are great for a stroll. Check them out while on our London, Paris & Rome tour!
  • Painshill Park. This picturesque park in Surrey, where the Featherington family promenades in the show, was designed in the mid-1700s and remains intact to this day. It was popular with the society set of that time and counts dignitaries like Thomas Jefferson among its visitors.
  • Wilton House. You’ll instantly recognize this Wiltshire landmark, since it’s one of the most memorable places to visit from Bridgerton. It appears as rooms in Queen Charlotte’s residences, St. James’s Palace, and Buckingham Palace. (It’s also used as Buckingham Palace on The Crown.) It’s home to collections of work by Shakespeare and the artist Anthony van Dyck, and offers visitors plenty of photo ops at scenic locations throughout the grounds.
  • Castle Howard. Many people ask, “Where is Bridgerton filmed?” The answer, of course, depends on the episode. A good portion of the first season takes place at the Duke of Hastings’ home: this private, Baroque-style Yorkshire residence that’s been in the Howard family’s ownership for more than 300 years.
  • The Hatfield House. This regal Hertfordshire estate, whose interiors are used for the Featheringtons’ residence, is no stranger to television—it’s served as a backdrop in The Crown and Rebecca. Spend part of the day exploring its park, gardens, woodlands, and more, then retire to the Coach House Kitchen restaurant for high tea.

The best places to visit

from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

  • Belton House. This beautiful 17th-century country house is in Lincolnshire, near Grantham. Its iconic architecture and lush gardens were featured prominently in Queen Charlotte as the main location for King George’s residence, transforming many of the rooms—including the Marble Hall, orangery, and scullery—into sets. Soak up history during a nature walk on the 1,300-acre homestead or wander its walled garden.
  • Kew Palace. Nestled on the banks of the River Thames, the royal palace—where the real-life Queen Charlotte and George III lived—features the UNESCO-listed Royal Botanic Gardens, home to the largest and most diverse collection of plants in the world. Queen Charlotte’s interior scenes were shot at Belton House and the gardens were filmed at Waddesdon Manor (apparently, the rooms at Kew were too small), but you can still visit the actual palace on one of your free days during our London: The City Experience tour. (It’s an easy ride on the Tube’s District line).
  • Ranger’s House. Young Violet Ledger is a central character in Queen Charlotte, years before she becomes Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton. Ranger’s House features prominently as the Bridgerton family home in the prequel, so we’ll likely see it again in season 3. This Georgian villa on the edge of Greenwich Park and Blackheath dates to the 1720s and now operates as an art museum—making it a great place to spend a free afternoon while on one of our London tours.
  • The Assembly Rooms. Given all the steamy storylines in Queen Charlotte, it’s no surprise Bath’s Assembly Rooms were placed front and center for scandal and social interaction throughout the prequel. Several of Bridgerton’s lavish ballroom scenes were filmed in the Assembly Rooms’ Tea Room and Ball Room. They’re still in use for functions such as weddings and conferences, and are open to the public when not being used to set up juicy plotlines.
  • The Holburne Museum. This now-museum’s exterior was the filming site of one of the first grand balls in Bridgerton and regularly appears as Lady Danbury’s home. Before it was a Bridgerton filming location, this museum was Bath’s first public art gallery. On our England tours, you’ll stay at a hotel a short walk from the museum, making it easy to check this spot off your list of Queen Charlotte filming sites to visit on tour.

And with that, dearest reader, we bring our list to a close—for now.

We hope that you have enjoyed our exploration of places to visit from Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte, and we assure you with the most sincerity that we will return posthaste with more insights to answer your favorite question, “Where was Bridgerton filmed?” as soon as we have updates on Bridgerton season 3.

Design your own Bridgerton-themed tour

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Curious to see Bridgerton filming locations in real life before the new season drops? Join us on one of our England tours.

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