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By the numbers: Facts about booking flights with Go Ahead

May 17, 2017 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Here at Go Ahead, we’re always on hand to make every aspect of your tour seamless, and that includes helping you take to the skies your way. Do you like using a certain airline, extending your adventure on a pre-or post-tour stay, or bumping your seats up to Business Class? No matter how you want to customize the flights you book with Go Ahead, we can help arrange it as long as it’s possible with our airline partners—and we’re teamed up with the best! Here are some numbers to keep in mind as you start thinking of ways to put your own spin on your quest into the clouds.


The number of flight itineraries we will provide to best fulfill your requests. We’re committed to making sure your trip is streamlined from start to finish, so you can always be sure the flight itinerary we find for you is the best option there is. Hoping we can hold more than one itinerary for you while you solidify your travel plans? We’re sorry to say that it’s not to be. An airline’s flight itineraries and prices can change at any moment, and we’re only able to tie one down based on the requests you submit.


The number of business days you’ll need to sit tight between submitting your flight requests and receiving a flight itinerary from Go Ahead. We’re always excited to get an option to you as soon as we can confirm the details so you can continue dreaming of the rest of your adventure!


The number of airlines we’re partnered with, including Lufthansa, American Airlines, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Emirates, and Delta. It’s true—we have an in with the best-of-the-best, which makes it easy for us to pass unbeatable rates on to you. Have a preferred airline you’d like to take off with? Let us know, and we’ll find out if it’s possible for you to join them on a journey to your specific destination!


The additional amount you’ll be asked to pay if you decide to submit new requests after you’ve already accepted your flight itinerary. While some flight requests automatically come at an additional cost (and we’ll inform you of that if it’s the case for you), this extra $75 will only be tacked on if you change your mind and decide to submit a request for something new. There may be no way to sidestep costs automatically associated with some requests no matter when you submit them (think: seat upgrade), but the best way to avoid the extra $75 fee is to be sure you know exactly what you want flights-wise when you submit your requests the first time around.


The number of days before your departure that we can start accepting your flight requests. Getting your requests to us early not only gets them off your plate so that you can start planning for the rest of your journey. It also give us a better chance of securing everything you want—preferred airline, layover time, and more—before space on flights runs out. Remember: If your traveling companions have the same requests, be sure to submit them at the same time to ensure that you’re all booked on flights together. Taking to the skies with your fellow travelers always doubles the fun!


The number of cities most of our Europe Tours start in, including Venice, Milan, London, Athens, Dublin, Shannon, and Paris. Wanderlust-worthy, right? These dreamy destinations practically beg to be explored on a pre-tour stay, and flying in a little early is the perfect way to see more and get better acclimated to the time change before meeting up with your Tour Director. We can even help with extra nights of hotel accommodations so that you can kick back and relax while immersing yourself in a new city.


As in, October 2017: The time we will start accepting requests for stopovers in Amsterdam on the way to South Africa! Stopping in another city or country for a couple of nights on your way to or from tour is an ideal opportunity to check more off your bucket list, and it’s something to consider if you’re heading to Europe, India, the Middle East, or Africa. While stopovers are never guaranteed and are dependent on many factors—such as your origin city, destination, and airline, to name a few—they’re something to ask about if you dream of going farther on tour.

Have you ever considered customizing your flights? Learn more about booking your flights with Go Ahead and reach out on Facebook with any questions!

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