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Travel tips

Packing tips for your next adventure trip

Jun 13, 2017 by Courtney Keller

Whether you’re jetting off to discover new cities or venturing out into nature, every traveler faces the same unavoidable task before a trip: packing. Luckily, with a little bit of planning ahead, it’s easy to fill up your suitcase with essentials for your adventure. Read on for your ultimate packing guide.

Urban explorer packing list

For the urban explorer

A City Stay tour lets you dive even deeper into what makes a particular culture shine. Unpack once and spend a week getting to know the ins and outs of a single European city, like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, London, or Florence. Here’s what to bring along to make the most of your experience exploring a well-loved location like a local.


Comfortable shoes

The best way to familiarize yourself with a brand-new neighborhood? Wandering through it! Slip on a pair of comfy shoes and discover what charms lie in your surroundings.


Light scarf or jacket

As you stroll along the city streets, you’ll have the freedom to pop into any churches, museums, or boutiques that catch your eye. When you step inside a religious site, cover your shoulders with a light scarf to show respect.



While out and about, you’ll better connect with locals if you have a few keywords under your belt. A quick glance at your pocket phrasebook makes language learning easier.


Coin purse

Treat yourself to a taste of local flavors—you deserve it after all that exploring. Savor café au lait in Paris, gelato in Rome or pintxos in Barcelona using a handful of euros stashed in your small coin purse.

Outdoor aficionado

For the outdoor aficionado

Ancient ruins, tropical rainforests, or sprawling national parks—the natural beauty on display in North and South America will take your breath away. On a journey through the great outdoors, one thing is guaranteed: you’ll return home with a new perspective.



Floating down the Snake River and past the Grand Tetons. Venturing along the picturesque Icefields Parkway. When photos can’t do awe-inspiring experiences like this justice, jot down your thoughts in a notebook to keep memories of your trip alive.


Activity tracker

Turns out it takes some serious steps to reach Machu Picchu—the legendary Lost City of the Incas—and visit the ancient sites of the Sacred Valley. Keep tabs on how much ground you’ve covered with an activity tracker like a fitbit, apple watch, garmin or even on your smartphone.


360° Camera

Whether it’s the glittering glacial waters of Lake Minnewanka or Yellowstone National Park’s incredible geysers, capture your surrounding scenery with a 360° camera**


Reusable water bottle

While you’re out enjoying nature—soaking in the Arenal hot springs or ziplining high above the trees in Costa Rica—stay refreshed with a water bottle on hand.

Travel tip: Don’t forget to check with your Tour Director to see if you should fill it with filtered water in your destination.

Packing tips for every type of trip

Going on a different type of adventure, or looking for some more seasonal-specific pointers? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate packing tips round-up:

Are you an urban explorer or outdoor aficionado? Do you have any packing tips to share? Share them on Facebook!

Packing tips
About the author | Courtney Keller
A lover of travel since studying in France, Courtney strives to inspire others to get out and see the world. When she’s not writing, she’s trying new restaurants, reading, doing yoga, baking, walking her rescue pup, or planning her next trip.

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