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5 things not to miss in Capri, Italy

Oct 21, 2020 by Sally Dent

If you’re in love with Italian culture, but are looking for a destination that offers a coastal twist, pay a visit to Capri. From the rock formations to the beaches to the delicious food, there’s so much to love about this iconic spot. Whether you’re looking for a list of what to do in Capri or tips for where to go for the best views in Capri, here are five things you don’t want to miss when visiting this lavish Italian island.

Faraglioni rocks in Capri viewed from a boat

1. Cruise along the coast

When you step foot on the island, you’re probably wondering what to do in Capri. Our top tip? Take a boat tour around the island. Capri is known for its magnificent rock formations and you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural surroundings. Not only will you cross a bunch of the can’t-miss sights in Capri off your list, you’ll also feel like Italian royalty as you cruise on the open water. While sailing around the island, keep an eye out for the famous Faraglioni sea stacks, as well the iconic Arco Naturale. Other notable sights to look for are Tiberiòs Leap, Grotta Bianca, Grotta del Corallo, and of course, the exquisite Blue Grotto.

Make sure to peek out over the side of the boat at the water as you cruise. “The water is so clear, you can see the jellyfish,” said staffer Charlotta. While boating around the island, you’ll also see the colorful houses. “They’re just like the movies,” said Charlotta. “Capri is a charming island, which encapsulates all of the rich culture of Italy while providing a peek at paradise. Seeing it in person is breathtaking.”

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Hanging bells souvenirs, a traditional symbol of good luck in Capri

2. Shop until you drop

One of our favorite things to do in Capri is visit the family-owned shops scattered across the island. Meet the locals and practice your Italiano? Check and check. Staffer Charlotta highly recommends buying a handmade bell. Legend has it that a poor shepherd was searching for his lost goat on Mount Solaro (another one of the can’t-miss sights in Capri!) when he heard bells ringing in the distance. He followed the sound and Saint Micheal appeared, giving him a set of bells for protection. The shepherd lived a prosperous life filled with love from that day forward. Today, these colorful souvenirs symbolize luck, health, and happiness. Plus, finding all the unique bells hanging from store awnings is one of the signature things to see in Capri.

You’ll also want to get yourself a pair of handmade sandals. Italian leather is world-renowned, and on Capri, we recommend picking up a pair of leather sandals from Amedeo Canfora. This family-owned shoe shop has been around since 1946 and the brand has grown to be an international phenomenon. Since there are so many things to do in Capri, we recommend stopping in the shop before you sit down for lunch. If they need to make a pair in your size, they can do that while you eat lunch. Then, you can pop by the store after your meal to pick up your custom sandals!

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a traveler holding a glass of limoncello with a field of flowers in the background

3. Sip locally made limoncello

When life gives you lemons, drink limoncello! Of all the things to do in Capri, trying authentic limoncello is a must. This zesty liqueur is a staple in this region, as Italy’s most flavorful lemons are produced on and around the Amalfi Coast. Don’t be surprised if you spot some of the biggest lemons you’ve ever seen growing in groves while exploring the island of Capri.

Italians have enjoyed limoncello as an after-dinner digestivo for over one hundred years old. Keep your eyes peeled for Limoncello di Capri. This is the authentic brand of limoncello made right on the island, and it’s produced by mixing water, lemon zest, simple syrups, and spirits.

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a statue of Augustus Caesar overlooking the Garden of Augustus with the Tyrrhenian Sea in the background

4. Strike a pose like the statues in the Gardens of Augustus

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers (and soak in the best views of Capri) while on the island. The Gardens of Augustus are a collection of magnificent botanical gardens on the island, home to a variety of unique flowers, such as geraniums, dahlias, and brooms. It’s no surprise that visiting the gardens is one of the best things to do in Capri. “Summertime is when everything is in bloom,” said staffer Mari—but these gardens are beautiful all year round. The flowers line the pathway through the gardens and are a representation of the rich flora of the island.

Impressive marble statues are sprinkled throughout the gardens. Don’t be surprised if it feels like there’s one hidden around every corner. The gardens are designed as terraces overlooking the sea, giving a breathtaking 180-degree view of Monte Solaro, the bay of Marina Piccola, and the Faraglioni. “Anywhere you go is gorgeous,” said Mari.

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traveler walking on cobblestone, holding a cone of peach colored gelato

5. Order un cono di gelato in Anacapri

It is no secret that Italy is praised for its gelato. But, what’s better than gelato? The answer: gelato with a view! Mari claims the best restaurants (and gelato spots) are in the upper part of the island, known as Anacapri. Plus, visiting Anacapri is one of the best things to do in Capri after spending the day exploring the island.

Mari suggests taking a convertible taxi to Anacapri to find the authentic restaurants—this is where the locals are. While on this side of the island, you’ll admire some of the best views on the Amalfi Coast. “Pictures don’t do it justice,” said Mari. Our favorite spot to get your scoop of gelato is Capri Crema Cafe. You can have a sweet treat while soaking in the panoramic view.

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