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Travel tips

5 Packing tips for your cold weather getaway

Oct 29, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Colder months call for lots of layers and, as an unfortunate result, heavier suitcases to tow. Not to worry, though! With our winter packing tips you can stay warm without adding too much weight to your bag.



Invest in quality fabrics

Look for tops that are easy to layer in functional materials. These high-tech fabrics that wick away moisture tend to dry fast when washed in your hotel sink. Laundering mid-trip is another consideration—and often worth the small hassle since you are virtually halving the amount of clothing you’ll need to bring. And remember: When it comes to packable warmth, it’s hard to beat cashmere.


Pile on the light layers

The upside to traveling in cold weather is that you can get away with re-wearing your outermost layers by bringing thinner clothing to wear underneath. Choose a favorite neutral sweater and stretch its wearability with multiple long-sleeved t-shirts. Wearing long underwear or leggings under your lighter-weight pants can add extra warmth and versatility.


Use compression bags

Using smaller bags within your larger suitcase is a great way to organize and separate your belongings (isolating dirty laundry, for example). Compression bags have the added benefit of actually giving you more room—most will shrink down to about half-size. Just fill with your bulkier items and roll to remove air.


Choose your coat carefully

A coat will take up a lot of room, so consider your itinerary and choose one that will work for as many occasions as possible. A city trip that will involve museum visits and restaurant dinners may warrant a more sophisticated wool coat, while a convertible jacket with a waterproof outer layer and warmer inner layer is great for hiking the countryside.


Bring your bulkiest items on the plane

Planes tend to be chilly, so layer up before you get on board. Wear your coat and bulkiest sweater—you can always relegate one to the overhead bin or use it as a pillow if you get too warm. If you’re bringing boots, go for a slip-on variety—they’ll work just fine for getting through security, keeping your feet warm in-flight and also freeing up some coveted suitcase space.

Do you have any tips or tricks for packing your suitcase for winter travel? Tell us on Facebook!

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