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Right Size Advantage

Right Size Advantage

Get closer to culture with a smaller tour group

Smaller groups make for better, more immersive travel experiences. That's why we cap our tours well below the industry standard of 45 travelers. Our Right Size Advantage defines each tour's ideal size and means you'll enjoy groups of 14 to 38 travelers, never more. Whether you’re embarking on a safari in the Serengeti or seeing the iconic landmarks of Rome, each adventure has its own Right Size.

"We noticed that when tours had around 45 travelers—a standard in the industry—the larger group size could get in the way of what travelers wanted to see and do. At Go Ahead, we're committed to making sure you experience your trip to the fullest."

—Daniela, Director of Quality Control

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Shared experiences

Our smaller group sizes give you more face time with your expert Tour Director and make it easier to get to know your fellow travelers. This means deeper connections and travel experiences that you'll remember for a lifetime.

New frontiers

With a group of 14 to 38 travelers, you'll gain access to more remote settings and authentic lodging at your destination. Plus, this more personal travel experience comes at no additional cost.

Added convenience

Enjoy the ease and comfort of traveling with a group that's sized below the industry standard. You'll have opportunities to soak up all of the highlights of your destination together and savor more intimate dining experiences.

A more in-depth look

Whether it's on a walk through the Tuscan countryside or during a cooking lesson with a Spanish chef, you and your travel companions will get closer to pristine natural landscapes and local culture thanks to a smaller group size.

"There was plenty of space to spread out and move about as we liked. Smaller groups increased restaurant options and contributed not only to an improved atmosphere but also benefitted meal preparations. Especially memorable for me was our outdoor lunch in the lovely ancient wine village of Saint-Émilion and dinner in the peaceful Loire Valley restaurant after our wine tasting near the town of Amboise."

—Gerhard, traveled on Grand Tour of France

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You'll find a maximum group size listed on each of our trips.
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