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Travel with peace of mind

Your new travel coverage options

Designed with our travelers in mind, these two options effective February 1, 2017 combine a broad selection of travel coverage benefits and services. Download a Pricing Document [PDF]. Call our Customer Experience Team if you purchased a previous protection plan before our February 1 change—your coverage is still in effect!

Best value!


Trip Protection allows you to safeguard your investment with cancellation protection for unexpected situations that prevent you from traveling or require you to interrupt your tour along the way. Plus, if you enroll in this option within three days of booking your tour, you’ll also receive our free Early Enrollment Package!

Download a summary of conditions [PDF]

Deadline to enroll: Tour Finalization Date


Travel coverage isn’t one-size-fits-all, and ensuring peace of mind shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we also offer Basic Trip Protection, which provides protection for the same unplanned circumstances, but works well for those who want less coverage with a lower price tag. You can choose which option will best meet your needs for each trip you book.

Download a Download a summary of conditions [PDF]

Deadline to enroll: Tour Finalization Date

Each package* provides you coverage for:

Tour Cancellation & Interruption

If an emergency at home hinders your ability to travel as planned or a family member has a medical emergency requiring you to return home early, you’ll be eligible for valuable refunds and reimbursements.

Travel & Baggage Delay

Should circumstances beyond your control cause you or your baggage to be delayed in reaching your tour destination, you may be reimbursed for related out-of-pocket expenses.

Baggage & Personal Effects

Benefits will be paid in the event of permanent loss, theft, or damage of your personal belongings while on tour.

Accident & Sickness

What happens if you have a medical emergency abroad? Trip Protection offers up to $50,000 in coverage and Basic Trip Protection offers up to $25,000 for out-of-pocket expenses, arrangement of emergency flights, and a 24-hour, worldwide service network.

Bonus coverage!

AnyReason Protection**

When you enroll in Trip Protection or Basic Trip Protection any time before your Tour Finalization Date, you’ll have the option to add AnyReason Protection for just $75. This extra benefit protects you should you need to cancel your tour at any time prior to checking in for your first scheduled flight. If you need to cancel for a reason not covered under your coverage plan, Go Ahead Tours will provide you with a credit voucher in the amount of your cancellation fees, which may be applied toward any tour in the future.

Exclusively offered with Trip Protection

Early Enrollment Package

Even better than further protecting your investment with AnyReason Protection? Getting to do it for free, and combining it with complimentary Pre-Existing Condition Coverage. When you enroll in Trip Protection within three days of reserving your tour, you’ll automatically receive both extra benefits at no extra cost.

*Please note that traveling with certain visas (i.e. a Schengen Visa) or to certain destinations (i.e. Antarctica) has coverage requirements that may be met through Trip Protection, but not Basic Trip Protection, or can be met with coverage through a third party. Please call Go Ahead Tours for a full list of specific protection requirements.

**Benefits under AnyReason Protection are administered by Go Ahead Tours and are not insurance products. Vouchers issued by Go Ahead Tours as an AnyReason Protection benefit may not be used as a tour deposit. View coverage benefits and claims process based on your date of enrollment here.

Not sure when you enrolled? Log in to your account to view your travel coverage details. Please note that if you enrolled in one of our former protection plans before our February 1, 2017 change, your coverage remains in effect. Please call our Customer Experience Team at 1-800-597-0350 for your coverage information.