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Go guided—and take the guesswork out of travel

Our tours make traveling easy. Wherever. Whenever.

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Go guided—and take the guesswork out of travel

Our tours make traveling easy. Wherever. Whenever.

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Come see what going guided’s all about

What going guided means

If you’ve never heard of guided travel, or don’t know much about it, you’re not alone—but you are missing out! Here’s the 4-1-1 on going guided—including perks, advantages, and benefits you won’t always enjoy when you travel on your own.

An expanded circle of friends

Going guided with Go Ahead means exploring alongside other culturally curious travelers on an expertly planned itinerary—and with an experienced, trustworthy Tour Director making sure your trip goes smoothly, from start to finish. Along the way, you’ll bond over shared immersive experiences, authentic meals in lively, local restaurants, and plenty more magical on-tour moments.

Done-for-you planning

Going guided means not having to find just-right flights (we’ll take care of that) or figure out the best hotels and restaurants to book (we do that, too). It means not having to plan the perfect itinerary (us again!) or worry about getting from one stop to the next (yep, we got it). It means not having to find your way around a new-to-you place on your own. Though, you’ll have plenty of free time for that, if you want!

The VIP treatment

Thanks to our relationships with travel partners around the world, going guided with Go Ahead also means spending time with locals where they work and live (think: vineyards, farms, and private homes). It means trying your hand at their trades, from pasta-making to pineapple picking. It means skipping long lines at top museums (because you didn’t fly all this way to stand around and wait). And it means having access to in-demand events—and some planned just for us.

Our only responsibility is to be on time. Everything else is taken care of for us. And that makes the tour enjoyable because there’s no stress of having to do all the planning.”

—Traveler Karen

Travel that’s convenient. Not confining.

We know what you might be thinking: “Going guided sounds easy, but what do I have to give up?” The answer: Nothing. Nada. Niets. We make your trip easy. You get to make it your own.

Time to spend your own way

We don’t think convenience should come at the cost of your independence. (We’re all adults here, after all.) For a just-right balance of shared experiences and on-your-own exploring, we build a mix of guided tours and group meals, as well as optional excursions and plenty of free time, into each itinerary so you can do your own thing at your own pace. Buzzed-about restaurant you’re dying to try? New art exhibit you want to check out? Enjoy!

Beyond-the-basics exploring

Our Tour Directors and local guides aren’t here to lead you mindlessly from one famous landmark to the next, firing off easy-to-Google facts along the way. Sure, they’ll show you the highlights. But they’ll also take you beyond the beaten path—and inside locals’ homes and workspaces for hands-on experiences you couldn’t whip up on your own.

Your own concierge—kind of

Much more than just guides, our Tour Directors are worldly, well-connected, resourceful, and mind-bogglingly knowledgable to boot. And they’re itching to share their insights and expertise with our travelers. Want to know which boulangerie serves Paris’s best baguette? A cool, under-the-radar spot to spend your free time in Florence? Or a few slang phrases to help you fit in with the locals? Ask away—and prepare to be impressed.

I was initially concerned about traveling with a group... However, I was pleasantly surprised! We were all interested in learning about Italy. It was hard saying goodbye at the end of the trip. Such wonderful memories!”

—Traveler Sarah

World travel made easy. Today and every day.

There’s no denying it: For a while now, traveling has been tricky. Some countries are open for travel, others remain off-limits, and entry requirements vary from place to place. Then there are the health and safety guidelines—and cancellation policies—of individual airlines, hotels, and attractions to keep track of. And it all seems to change by the week. (Whew! Does your brain hurt yet?) For travelers planning trips on their own, the process can feel exhausting, overwhelming—even impossible. The good news? When you book a guided tour with Go Ahead, you can leave all those nitty-gritty details up to us.

Stress-free travel prep

Our best-in-the-business travel and safety experts are constantly monitoring international travel guidelines (things like entry requirements, arrival procedures, and local health and safety protocols) so that we can let you know exactly what’s required to get you where you’re going, and to make sure your tour meets our—and your—uncompromising safety and comfort standards.

Policies and protections designed for real life

For added peace of mind, we’ve made our booking policies more flexible than ever, and we automatically protect every traveler on every tour with our industry-leading EF COVID Care Promise. It covers hotel nights, meals, testing coordination, and more should you need to quarantine on tour—at no extra cost whatsoever. All you have to think about is which beach you want to hit first on Crete, or how many bottles of Burgundy you want to bring home from France.

With all the craziness that COVID brought to international travel, EF and our tour guide, Barbara, were truly so organized. If we had tried to do everything ourselves, there is no way we would have seen all that we did, with such seamless access and wonderful tour guides everywhere we went.”

—Traveler Shanna

Benefits of going guided vs. going on your own


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