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Alejandro López

My favorite place in the world is my apartment. But if we’re talking travel—which of course we are—then Prague in winter! Between walking the Charles Bridge on a frigid dawn, sipping steaming cups of svařák, and sparking a family snowball fight in Kinsky Gardens, that city will always hold a special place in my heart.

The best meal I’ve had abroad was at Habibi Restaurant in Strasbourg, France. I couldn’t tell you what I ordered (falafel, maybe?) but I remember it hitting the spot. It was absolutely the culinary highlight of a six-day sprint through Germany, France, Switzerland, and Portugal—one that featured a surprising amount of döner kebab.

My favorite souvenirs are coins and banknotes. It started on a trip to Prague and Budapest: Ever since, I’ve loved collecting them as mementoes of my travels. And if you bring me back something, you’ll automatically become my best friend. (Looking at you, Kenny D. Thanks for that Eastern Caribbean Dollar!)

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