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The 7 most romantic cities in the world

Feb 13, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Traveling to any bucket list destination is bound to make your heart soar. Whether you’re making new friends on a solo trip to Greece, or falling head over heels for a plate of pasta in Italy, there are so many moments to love! But, some cities have that extra “it” factor, and we’ve chosen a handful of our favorites. Here are seven of the most romantic cities around the world to visit on tour.


1. Paris, France

Sure it’s cliché to think of Paris when thinking of the world’s most romantic destinations, but not without good reason. Walking along the Seine, exploring artsy Montmartre, shopping in boutiques along the Champs Elysées—there’s something for everyone to love on tour in Paris. No wonder two travelers eloped in Paris on tour! And, just when you think you couldn’t be any more smitten with the City of Light, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower sparkling after dark. We’ll raise a glass of Champagne to that glittery, romantic image.

Find out why Paris is a romantic city you should explore on tour → 


2. Santorini, Greece

All those blue rooftops set against the bright blue seascape makes Santorini a feast for the eyes. Sure, we sang the island’s praised in our Santorini Travel Guide, but we could sing forever about this unforgettable spot. Here, cascading cliff sides kiss the ocean, there are countless places to watch the sunset—and don’t get us started on the feta! If a romantic destination is what you’re after, then Santorini is sure to deliver.

Fall in love with Santorini on tour →


3. Galway, Ireland

Imagine green as far as the eye can see and live music in every pub—not to mention that charming Irish accent. If that’s not a recipe for a romantic getaway, we don’t know what is! While the village of Galway has all of those things in spades, what really sets it apart is its prime position on the Wild Atlantic Way. This winding route along Ireland’s coast offers some of the dreamiest vistas you can imagine, and Galway is the place to go to soak it all in. After all, Connemara National Park is just a stone’s throw away. Check it out on a virtual sightseeing tour of the Wild Atlantic Way, and then set your heart on seeing Galway in person.

Put Galway on your travel wish list →


4. Florence, Italy

Florence is sitting pretty as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and opera, which makes this city a great romantic destination for lovers of art—and lovers of love. Set off for the Tuscan capital to get your fill of foamy cappuccinos, creamy gelato, and some of the most iconic masterpieces from the likes of Michelangelo, Botticelli, and more. Truly, there are so many must-see works of Renaissance art in Florence, it’s hard to keep track!

The locales near Florence are just as romantic, so add excursions to scope out Pisa’s off-kilter skyline, the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, or the charming villages of Siena and San Gimignano.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital offers gorgeously preserved castles ripped from fairy-tale pages, and a monumental Old Town Square with an astronomical clock that’s been ticking for over 600 years. (That’s one of the top things to see in our Prague Travel Guide, by the way!) Those with more modern tastes and some free time will love a visit to the Gehry-designed Dancing House, which features a whimsical mix of architectural styles and mimics a twirling couple.

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6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentine capital melds European elegance with Latin soul, making it a shining venue as one of the most romantic cities in South America. Did you know that Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America? The al fresco daytime lifestyle (think: eating at outdoor cafes and promenading along tree-lined boulevards) gives way to a vibrant nightlife. Join in on the excitement with someone special, whether that’s a group of fellow-travelers-turned-friends or a significant other—it takes two to tango, after all!

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7. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is known as Japan’s spiritual capital, and is home to endless Zen gardens, fragrant cherry trees, the glittering Golden Pavilion, and the 17th-century Nijo Castle (which features floors that sing like a nightingale!). Sip sake with your sweetie over a shabu-shabu dinner, or take in some traditional entertainment, like a kyogen comedic theater, alongside a fellow solo traveler.

Marvel at best of Kyoto on tour →

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