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Travel tips

How to pack small for a big trip

Sep 10, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Have you ever wanted to go on a multi-week tour but decided against it because packing seemed impossible? Have you ever wondered how you could ever pack enough clothes for a tour that lasts two weeks or longer? Well, we have the answers for you! Here are a few of our favorite tips for packing small for a big trip.

How to pack small for a big trip packing tips


Invest in a good suitcase

Forget old, outdated luggage and pick up a suitcase that’s made of durable plastic and rolls on wheels, like this set on Amazon. These are much lighter and easier to cart around.


Categorize the necessities

Be realistic about how many pants, shirts, shoes and accessories you actually need. Before you pack it, ask yourself, “Do I see myself wearing this on tour?” If the answer is no, or even maybe, leave it at home. When you’re ready, take out everything you want to pack and lay it out. Then, try cutting that down by half. Voila! You have your final packing list.


Practice your rolling technique

Tightly rolling all your clothing, rather than folding, makes for more efficient use of space in your suitcase. It works like magic! If you don’t believe us, here’s an experiment to try: Pack your suitcase with all your clothes folded—then, take a picture. Next, roll up all your clothes and repack, and take another picture. Compare the two and see which gives you more room. (The answer should be easy!)


Try out the hotel laundry service

Almost all of our hotels offer same-day laundry service on tour, and it’s worth it for the convenience. Don’t be afraid to use it! Hotel laundry service will cut down on the amount of pieces you need to bring on tour, which in turn lets you bring home more souvenirs. (Just don’t forget the 50-pound weight limit on your luggage!)


Learn to layer

If you are traveling to a cooler climate, wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Instead of packing heavy jackets, save space in your suitcase with thermal layers and thin sweaters. Layering will keep you warm but your suitcase light!


Pack neutral colors

Pack clothing in shades of blacks, whites and browns to ensure everything in your suitcase is easy to match. Make sure the pieces you bring can also pair or layer together, so you can mix and match to make more than one outfit.

Have any tips for packing lightly for a multi-week tour? Share them with us on Facebook!

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