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Jimmy in Australia: The Great Barrier Reef to Sydney

Apr 07, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

band-photog-on-tour Australia Ayers Rock


The Land Down Under offers new scenery and new adventures at every turn. Home to one-of-a-kind wildlife, unique Aboriginal traditions, multicultural cities and a carefree Aussie spirit, this country is full of surprises. Follow along as Jimmy makes his way through remote Outback landscapes and dazzling cities on Australia: The Great Barrier Reef to Sydney.

3 Ways to experience Aboriginal culture

A country and continent all its own, Australian culture has many layers. While its British colonial roots and cosmopolitan cities offer many multicultural experiences, the indigenous Aboriginal spirit also stands strong. “I loved learning about Aboriginal traditions—seeing local art, tossing a boomerang and trying my hand at spear throwing.”

Australia Aboriginal Art


See local art

From rock art to basket weaving to dot paintings, Aboriginal art can be found in many forms. Traditional art usually mirrors the colors of the Outback: rusty browns, reds, yellows and whites. Looking to take a piece of this artistic heritage home? Seek out Aboriginal dot paintings, which often show abstract interpretations of natural scenery or narratives.

Australia Aboriginal traditions & boomerang)


Toss a boomerang The Aboriginal boomerang dates back ten thousand years. It’s not known for certain how and why the boomerang was first invented, though people believe it was derived from a flattened throwing stick that hunters used to scare birds and small animals out of hiding. Today, it’s still used for hunting purposes, as well as certain ceremonies.

Australia Aboriginal traditions & Spear-throwing


Throw a spear Spears are another traditional Aboriginal hunting tool. To get greater speed and distances, locals used a spear thrower, called a “woomera,” as a simple lever to propel the spear forward. This athletic challenge was Jimmy’s favorite Aboriginal tradition: “Throwing the spear was awesome!”

A new view of the Outback

A sunrise hot air balloon in Alice Springs, Australia

According to Jimmy, the hot air balloon excursion was a tour highlight. Taking off in Alice Springs, the balloon travels above the stark Outback landscapes as the sun rises. Afterward, toast to your sky-high adventure with champagne and breakfast.

“The Outback looked so stunning during this excursion, as a tapestry of pinks and oranges took over the sky at sunrise. Plus, we got to see kangaroos and wallabies starting their days below us.”

Sydney at night

Sydney Harbor lit up at night

“Seeing the harbor and the Opera House at night is really cool. The bay is beautiful and sparkles with lights, offering an amazing sight at sunset. What I personally loved in Sydney was the nightlife at the base of the Opera House. There is actually a huge bar that spreads over 300 yards along the water, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it is packed! There is live music and the Aussies get really dressed up to enjoy a night out or catch a show at the Opera House.”

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