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How to feel good after a long flight

Jul 09, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Flying, particularly on long-haul trips, can do a number on our bodies. As a company of travelers, we’ve learned a thing or two about staying healthy and comfortable in the air. Read on for our favorite ways to ensure we’ll feel our best (well, at least not too bad) after a lot of time in the air—even if we’re unable to get any sleep on the plane.

Plane interior


Stay hydrated and moisturized

It’s no secret that the air is pretty dry in-flight. The atmosphere inside an airplane has considerably lower humidity than you would experience in other comfortable indoor environments. Besides drinking copious amounts of water, we recommend packing a rich moisturizer—these small Nivea tins are inexpensive and easy to fit in your TSA-approved liquids bag—and even considering eye and nasal drops for a hydro-combo that will pack a punch. Also, be sure not to undermine your hydrating efforts by drinking a lot of alcohol or caffeine, both of which are diuretics that can lead to further dehydration. It’s best to stick with good old H2O!


Dress for comfort and confidence

The number one priority when selecting airplane attire should be comfort, but it is possible to both look and feel good. We recommend that you throw on your stretchiest pants and pair them with a comfortable cotton shirt—natural fibers are a must because they are breathable and less apt to retain odors, which synthetic fabrics do. To add a bit of personality, accent your outfit with a unique scarf or cozy cardigan, both of which will keep you warm in the oft-chilly cabin of the plane.


Carry on your oral hygiene products

When your mouth doesn’t feel fresh and clean, it’s impossible to feel like your best self. Remember to tote all your oral hygiene products in your carry-on. After landing, you can make a quick pit stop in the airport bathroom (it’s much better than doing it on the plane, and a great way to kill time while you’re waiting for any checked bags). If you’re concerned about space in your carry-on, there’s a wide variety of travel toothbrush options out there.


Plan ahead with healthy snacks

Food is fuel for the body, but, unfortunately, most airplane snack foods are the kinds of fuel you’ll want to avoid. Snacks that are high in refined carbohydrates, added sugar, or sodium (such as pretzels, chips, and cookies) can leave you feeling sluggish and puffy. You may not think to bring healthy snacks from home, but solid food items and liquid foods less than 3.4 ounces are allowed in your carry-on bag. We always try to pack hydrating fruits like bananas and oranges as well as high-protein options like unsalted almonds, beef jerky, string cheese, and sunflower seeds.

Do you have any tips for feeling good post-flight? Share them with us on Facebook!

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