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What to do in Copenhagen: Tivoli Gardens

Dec 28, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Go Ahead staffer Arlena found a number of welcome surprises on her tour of Northern Europe. Hear all about the highlight of her entire trip: a visit to the Tivoli Gardens during her time in Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens was a highlight on my Highlights of Northern Europe tour. Upon arrival into Copenhagen, our Tour Director said that if there was one thing we needed to see while in Copenhagen, it was the Tivoli Gardens. I hadn’t even heard of Tivoli before, but the day we arrived was the closing day for the season and there was going to be a fireworks spectacular at the end of the night to celebrate. He said it was an amusement park, but it was so much more than that, and not at all similar to what we think of amusement parks in the U.S.

Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 in the heart of Copenhagen. It is the second oldest amusement park in the world, and has whimsical architecture, lush gardens, and beautiful light displays at night. It creates a stunning fairy tale-like atmosphere and I understand why people like Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney found such inspiration within it. It feels like you’re transported to a different world entirely. It’s a fantastic place for young and old alike, and going on a ride isn’t even necessary to enjoy the park!

For those who do happen to be interested in rides, there’s something for everyone. You have your charming older and more traditional rides (like a Ferris Wheel with hot air ballooned-shaped carts that offers stunning panoramic views of the city), or, for those who want more of a thrill, a new steel roll coaster called The Demon to spin you up down and all around.

There are many charming places to eat around Tivoli as well. I’d recommend one of the many cafes scattered throughout the garden, such as Café Georg. It’s even better at night when the soft lighting creates the perfect romantic atmosphere. For those seeking more merriment and a livelier atmosphere, I’d recommend the Biergarten, which has some great local drafts and multiple floors of indoor and outdoor seating.

There’s something for everyone in Tivoli Gardens, and you should be prepared to be inspired by its quaint charm and the friendly locals who visit it. You need to add it to your list of things to visit in Copenhagen!

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