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Group Coordinator Spotlight: Meet Debbie

Oct 10, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Each of our Group Coordinators shares a few key traits—they’re curious, spirited, and love discovering new things. But, they all have a different style when it comes to seeing the world. In this series, we’re spotlighting some of the personalities that make our Group Travel Program great. Meet Debbie, a lifelong learner, below.


Debbie, The Lifelong Learner

“To travel is to educate yourself,” says Debbie. A retired teacher, she’s a huge advocate of the power of travel to connect us all. Debbie’s group is comprised of like-minded travelers of many ages, many of whom were parents of former students she once brought on EF Educational Tours. “We travel to accept the world around us—to be inquisitive and to appreciate the differences we find.”

Do your research

Whether it’s reading “Girl with a Pearl Earring” before a trip to Amsterdam or learning a few key phrases in Italian before heading to Florence, she encourages her group to be culturally prepared in order to fully appreciate their destination. They see themselves as ambassadors when they explore new places and never pass up the chance to try something new. In the true search of sharing her passion for travel, she uses her benefits to pass on savings to her group members.

Talk with your peers

Turning challenges into opportunities is what Debbie does best. “If you want your tour to be successful, the main thing to remember is to be flexible,” she says. “Always be able to look at something that might go wrong and turn it into an adventure, something that’s good.” This positive outlook is one she’s spread at many Convention Tours with Group Coordinators.


Sicily Convention Tour, 2016

Debbie has traveled with Go Ahead on exclusive Convention Tours to Sicily, Greece, Thailand, Peru, and Iceland, and has even more on the horizon. “It’s nice to get ideas from other Group Coordinators and get to know the people who work at Go Ahead,” she says. “The team is so enthusiastic, you love your work and that really comes through!” It’s also reassuring to her group to hear that she’s visited a destination before they travel there together.

Enjoy the journey

With her adventurous spirit—she now loves stand-up paddleboarding!—Debbie relishes sharing new experiences with her group. “Working with EF and Go Ahead, I can see the change that has been made in so many of my friends’ and students’ lives,” she says.

What kind of Group Coordinator will you be? Request a copy of the Guide to Group Travel at or visit our website and learn more.

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