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Foods for a St. Patrick’s Day feast

Mar 13, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s one holiday on which the feast is almost (if not more) important than the tradition of wearing green. Here, our delicious list of St. Patrick’s Day foods we’ll be serving to celebrate.

Irish brown bread

Brown bread or soda bread

Soda bread has become a fixture of American St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but it’s traditionally “brown bread” that you’ll find at every meal in Ireland. We’re particularly fond of this recipe for Irish Brown Soda Bread, which combines the whole wheat flavors of brown bread with the light, crumbly texture of a soda bread.

Irish beef stew

Beef stew

Hearty, filling and a perfect dish for those rainy days—like the many you might experience in Ireland. Made with lamb or beef with potatoes, onions and parsley, it tastes even better when infused with a little Guinness.

Fish and chips in Ireland

Fish and chips

This fried fish plate may be famous in London, but it’s also a staple in Irish restaurants and households. If you’re craving some golden, beer-battered fish while in Ireland, head to a “chippy,” the name for a fish-and-chip shop.

Irish coffee

Irish coffee

Dating back to County Limerick in 1942, this cocktail pairs strong black coffee with Irish whiskey, sugar and heavy whipped cream. If you’re making it at home, the trick to layering the cream is to slowly pour it over the back of a spoon—it will settle beautifully on top of the steaming coffee, so you get a little sweet with every sip.

Traditional Irish breakfast

Irish breakfast

Whether you’re looking for a hearty start to St. Patrick’s Day or need some fuel after a day of celebrating, a big Irish breakfast will get the job done. Since we wouldn’t mess with tradition, breakfast should include all of the following: eggs, bangers and mash (Irish pork sausages and potatoes) and beans, with tea and brown bread on the side.

Of course, all of the above always go well with a perfectly-poured pint of Guinness. Tell us how you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with us on Facebook!

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