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Extensions to add to your tour

Jun 26, 2017 by Jamie Gallerani

Want to cap off your trip with a few extra days of adventure alongside your expert Tour Director? You can by adding a tour extension on the majority of our tours! Rounding out your tour with an extension is the ideal way to spend more time in a well-loved city or immerse yourself in a new destination, where even more inspiring discoveries await. Here’s just a handful of our can’t-miss additions.

Cambodia: A home to awe-inspiring temples

Angkor Wat draws many travelers to Cambodia, and for good reason. The ancient complex is home to some of the most impressive architecture, and it's the world's largest religious site. You'll have a chance to explore a few different temples on tour, including Ta Phrom, which is covered in spectacular jungle roots and vines.

See it on: Thailand: The Golden Kingdom with Cambodia extension

Bruges: A fairytale city for foodies

It’s in the city of Bruges that the best of Belgium springs to life. Romantic canals dotted with swans and winding cobblestone streets lined with medieval houses lend storybook charm to this picturesque locale. Plus, the city is home to countless chocolate shops brimming with handmade confections, and popping in to try some sweets is a more-than-appropriate pastime. Another draw? Belgian beer, frites, waffles, mussels… need we say more?

See it on: Amsterdam, Luxembourg, & Brussels with Bruges extension

Kauai: An oasis for nature lovers

When it comes to jaw-dropping landscapes, Kauai sets the bar high. It’s here on the aptly-nicknamed “Garden Island” that picturesque waterfalls cascade into lush rainforest greenery and dramatic cliffs rise up around peaceful beaches. Whether you’re admiring native birds flit through the rain forest in Kōke‘e State Park or looking out over the staggering expanse of Waimea Canyon, the vast natural beauty of the oldest Hawaiian island will take your breath away.

See it on: Hawaii: Oahu, the Big Island & Maui with Kauai extension

Oman: An ancient hub for historians

A rich history springs to life in this Middle Eastern destination, where traditional souks, desert forts, and opulent mosques anchor the skyline. The country is rooted in an alluring past that stretches back over 100,000 years and can be felt from the UNESCO-listed Bahla Fort to the streets of Nizwa, Oman’s oldest settlement. With its deep-rooted heritage, Oman’s breathtaking landscapes (including miles of coastline along the Adriatic and red-sand deserts) are just a plus.

See it on: United Arab Emirates: Dubai & Abu Dhabi with Oman extension

Fiji: A serene escape for beach-goers

On this island paradise, sparkling seas filled with coral and white-sand beaches dappled by sunshine aren’t the exception; they’re the rule. Get an up-close look at the locale’s vibrant underwater world while snorkeling or riding a glass-bottom boat off of Tivua Island. Then, just when you think it couldn’t get any more beautiful, feel the warmth of a traditional Fijian welcome in the Viseisei Village. The locals couldn’t be any friendlier, the water any bluer—this South Pacific retreat is the ideal place to kick back and relax.

See it on: Highlights of Australia & New Zealand with Fiji extension

Bolivia: An otherworldly locale for adventurers

From the surreal expanse of the Salar de Uyuni salt flats to the eroded spires of La Paz’s Moon Valley, Bolivia is a country you have to see to believe. Take in the best the destination has to offer while cruising along Lake Titicaca, zipping across the world’s second-largest plateau, and exploring pre-Incan ruins on Isla del Sol. Then, end your unforgettable adventure at a whole new altitude in La Paz, “the city that touches the clouds.”

See it on: Grand Tour of Peru: Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca with Bolivia extension

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views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground
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