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group of travelers in front of colorful homes in amsterdam
Travel stories

Dreamy scenes from Northern Europe

Dec 03, 2019 by Jamie Gallerani

Just take it from these on-tour memories and photos from traveler Cheryl: When it comes to exploring Scandinavia and beyond on our Highlights of Northern Europe: Amsterdam to Stockholm tour, "mesmerizing" is an understatement.

The Van Gogh museum was wonderful

Soaking in the scenery in the Netherlands

Embarking on a canal cruise in Amsterdam while enjoying cocktails and a fabulous meal was absolutely beautiful. It was just dusk, so the unique homes of Amsterdam were lit up, flowers were hanging over the waterway, and the serene atmosphere of it all was magical. Traveling to the fairy-tale village of Delft was classic, and seeing an old man carving wooden shoes was incredible.

Seeking out historic eats in Hamburg

One free evening in Hamburg, Germany, we wandered down by the wharf to find a place for dinner. The restaurant we tried had old-school red carpet, and as we looked around at photos on the wall, we found Princess Di and Charles, Sylvester Stallone, Danny DeVito, Muhammad Ali—the famous pictures went on and on. Our waiter had been there 30 years! He brought us a special aged schnapps to drink with him. Plus, the meal of fresh seafood was out of this world.

Swedish meatballs in Gamla Stan
Tivoli hahahaha my groups are fun & funny!

Kicking back in Copenhagen

Entering Copenhagen, Denmark, from across the Fehmarn Belt was lovely. The waterways and colorful 17th century architecture of the Nyhavn district made it seem like another world, and there was a very relaxed atmosphere everywhere. People were sleeping in canvas chairs in the Tivoli Gardens while their children played, flora was hanging from every light pole, and there was free spirit and particular ease there. Most of our meals were outside where we could soak up the atmosphere, too. Oh, and seeing the Little Mermaid statue...well, very special.

Stepping into history in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden, was very unique. I really enjoyed Gamla Stan, the old-school pubs, and the cobblestone streets. The City Hall glowed with gilded gold mosaics of eastern influence, and the Vasa Museum was incredible! The artifacts and ancient ship reconstructed inside of the museum were unbelievable.

Img Great having Adam K. from Go Ahead with us ❤️

Bergen at 11pm

Walking with fairies in Bergen

Bergan, Norway, is by far was one of the most beautiful, serene places I’ve ever been. As I walked through the woods to the Fantoft Stave Church I just knew a gnome or fairy was going to pop out. Plus, I think everyone should cruise through the fjords and take the train to Flåm. Simply amazing. It was just the most heavenly scenery I’ve ever seen! There’s no way my photos capture the beauty of this mountainous land. The waterfalls... aaah, a magical dream come true. Describing this place would be a disservice it was so spectacular.

Digging in to regional dishes

I’m still craving some of the traditional Northern European dishes—stroopwafels from Amsterdam, Swedish meatballs and the creamiest mashed potatoes ever from Stockholm, king crab, and wild reindeer with a lingonberry sauce in Bergen. Oh, I also loved Aperol Spritz and now make the drink at home.

Amazing waterfall on the way to Voss...the Siren came out and sang
The canals of Amsterdam

Traveling with a top-notch Tour Director

All the Tour Directors are amazing, and our Tour Director, Per, was no exception. A guided Go Ahead Tour ensures that you will not miss the truly iconic sites of a destination. Plus, there’s enough free time spared to explore the local culture on your own. It’s a perfect balance between "hold my hand, please" and "set me free."

Uncovering more of the world

I’m better for seeing the world. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that no matter what country I’m in, the people are kind and unique in their own beautiful way. And no matter what country I’m in, the food is good. I’m not afraid to travel anymore because I know this now. Every time I see a famous place I’ve visited on TV, I shout out "I’ve been there!" I credit it to the guided trips with Go Ahead Tours.

City Hall, home of the Nobel Prize banquet
Headed to Norway

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