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8 Fitness tips to take on the road

Feb 05, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Traveler and fitness fanatic Natalie went on our Jewels of Alpine Europe tour—and stayed healthy during her time away thanks to her arsenal of wellness tips and tricks. Here’s how you can do the same!

Natalie Annecy

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to experience the holistic benefits that exercise can offer! No matter what your age or fitness level, moving for just a few extra minutes each day can work wonders for your mind and body. So remember to pack those gym shoes and use these simple tips on tour to stay active and feel your best!

1. Beat jet lag

As soon as you reach your hotel, resist the urge to nap. Studies have shown that a short exercise session can lessen the time your internal body clock will need to return to a normal circadian rhythm. Instead of napping, take a walk around and explore your new neighborhood.

2. Take the stairs

Work those glutes and legs a little extra by taking the stairs and skipping the escalator whenever you can. If you’re on a lower floor of your hotel, commit to never taking the elevator except when transporting luggage.

3. Do some stretches

After a long flight or bus ride, a good 10-15 minute stretch session will not only feel amazing, but it will also improve blood flow, increase range of motion, and decrease stress.

4. Choose activities that match your setting

If you’re near a beach, go for a swim in the water or go for a walk or jog in the sand. If you’re in the mountains, go for a hike or take advantage of strolling the hills. If you’re in a city, minimize your use of public transportation and walk everywhere. Make it fun so that you’re more likely to follow through.

5. Set a goal

Set a minimum number of steps you want to take daily and use a pedometer to keep track. Don’t have a pedometer? Your smartphone might have one built-in—check the “Health” app on your iPhone.

6. Have an accountability partner

It really, really helps to have someone keep you accountable for following through with your goals. If you’re traveling with someone, get them to join in on the fun! If you’re a solo traveler, have a friend or family member at home be your partner when you check-in via phone or email. Or, enlist one of the other travelers in your group to help you stick to your goals.

7. Do your research

Before you leave for tour, check to see if your hotels have workout facilities. If not, there are lots of equipment-free exercises you can do in your room. A few examples are push ups, planks, lunges, squats and crunches.

8. Set realistic expectations

You’re on vacation, so don’t stress out if you slip a little on your usual fitness routine. The goal is to do something every day, no matter how small. If you’re going to be on the bus for several hours between cities or on a full-day excursion, try to do something small in the morning to get the blood flowing. At the rest stops, get off the bus and walk or stretch until your Tour Director says it’s time to go!

What are your travel fitness tips? Share them with us on Facebook!

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