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7 reasons why you should book your 2024 travel now

Oct 13, 2023 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner, and with it comes new opportunities for exploration and adventure. Whether you’re dreaming of ancient ruins, bamboo forests, or tapas and sangria, now is the time to start planning your travel in 2024. By booking your 2024 tours in advance, you’ll not only secure your spot on a tour that visits sought-after destinations, but you’ll also ensure that you have ample time to prepare for an unforgettable year of discovery. Here are the reasons why the best time to book your 2024 travel is now.

1. You’ll secure deals and discounts before prices go up

If you’re thinking of joining us on one of our 2024 tours, now’s the best time to book travel dates and make the most of the deals and discounts available to those who act early. Our Black Friday travel deals offer the biggest savings of the year, and this season is the perfect time to jumpstart your 2024 travel plans. You’ll lock in prices before the new year and before prices start creeping higher. Just like how you like to plan ahead, hotels and airlines prefer when people book in advance so that they have an idea of what to expect and can allocate their resources. They’ll usually offer lower rates the further you are from your departure date to encourage travelers to book early. 

Want to know one of our favorite budgeting tips for your dream trip? Not only does booking early save you money, but it also leaves you with ample time to save for your trip. Our interest-free AutoPay option makes it even easier to save up by breaking down the cost of your trip into smaller, more manageable payments that will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account or debit card each month leading up to your trip. 

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Popular travel destinations often fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons or events. Booking early will secure your spot, especially if you’re interested in a seasonal tour or special event, like our Oktoberfest: Germany, Switzerland & Austria tour or our Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Tokyo to Kyoto tour. Accommodations in even the largest cities can be limited during festivals and holidays, and we suggest booking early so you don’t miss out. In addition, some excursions, like our Santorini Caldera Cruise & Dinner offered on our The Greek Islands: Mykonos, Santorini & Crete tour, must be booked in advance.

Because popular tours tend to fill up, you’ll also have more options to choose from when you book early. You might be able to book a last-minute trip to the Christmas markets, but if you want the opportunity to choose between our Christmas Markets of Germany, Switzerland & Austria tour, with its Alpine villages and journey through the Black Forest, and our Christmas Markets of Budapest, Vienna & Prague tour, with its pastoral landscapes and walk through Prague’s Old Town Square, we recommend you book your travel early.

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3. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is booked in advance, and plenty of time to adjust if the unexpected arises

Even the most seasoned traveler will tell you that travel anxiety is real, and it’s no joke. Even if you’re looking forward to your tour, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive leading up to a trip, especially if you’re a first-time traveler. Furthermore, the travel industry has changed quite a bit in the last few years, and uncertainties, like changing travel restrictions and airline capacity limits, can arise. Knowing that your travel arrangements and accommodations are in place can reduce some of the stress you might be feeling in anticipation of your tour—that way, you can focus on your excitement instead.

Booking early will also provide you with ample time to adjust your plans should the unexpected arise. Of course, factors like weather or technical issues can always cause unforeseen last-minute delays. Consider enrolling in travel coverage to protect your investment and offer security in the face of the unknown. Our best advice for how to deal with a travel delay when you’re already at the airport? Take the opportunity to go for a walk, de-stress, and relax before your next flight. (Remember, if you have any questions, you can always contact our On-Tour Support Team.)

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4. You’ll beat the rush and avoid last-minute stress

We understand that spontaneous travel can be thrilling (and even sometimes unavoidable), but booking travel in advance means avoiding the stress of having to make rushed decisions. Not only will you have more options available when you book 2024 tours in advance, but you’ll also have more time to mull over those options without worrying about them selling out. That way, you’re less likely to second-guess your decisions or pressure yourself into choosing a tour that isn’t the one you really want simply because it’s available.

If you’re already thinking about travel in 2024, locking in your dates (and your rates!) and getting that PTO request in early is a great idea. If you book travel during our Black Friday Event, you’ll beat the booking rush that typically occurs in January and get your time-off request in while many of your coworkers are still thinking about the 2023 holiday season. Plus, what could be a better holiday gift to yourself than the promise of a Food & Wine Tour or one of our safaris?

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5. You can plan for a special occasion

Do you have a special birthday or anniversary on the horizon? If you’re already thinking about 2024 travel, why not book now to secure dates that coincide with the occasion? Booking in advance not only ensures that you’ll be where you want to be on that special date, but that you’ll also have plenty of time to secure an exclusive dinner reservation or customize your tour.

“I knew for my 40th birthday I wanted to go to Europe, and my husband and I were also celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary that year,” said traveler Lydia. “We had dinner reservations in the Eiffel Tower on my 40th birthday.” Traveler Jonathan had a similar plan when he and his family joined us on our A Week in Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome tour. “For my mother’s 80th birthday, she wanted to take a family vacation to Italy,” he said. “The three-city tour of Venice, Florence, and Rome was an extremely exciting adventure for the whole family. Planning the tour and choosing the excursion experiences was a fun part of the process. Once the dates and the flights were settled, the anticipation of the journey awaited us all.”

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6. You’ll have ample time to get organized before your trip

There are plenty of ways to prepare for your next trip, and if you book travel now for 2024, you’ll give yourself all the time you need to get ready. Whether you’re exchanging your money or choosing the right hiking shoes, you’ll be grateful for the extra time to pack and prepare for your tour. Don’t forget to request your time off and line up any baby, pet, or plant sitters if need be!

Booking trips in advance also gives you time to take care of some more protracted logistics that go along with preparing for travel. You’ll be able to apply for or renew your passport without having to pay the $60 fee required to expedite it, and you’ll have time to schedule a doctor’s visit for any necessary immunizations that may be required for your trip.

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7. You can plan free time activities and familiarize yourself with your destination

Booking your 2024 travel now means that you can spend the time leading up to your departure thinking about all the wonderful things you’ll see and experience when you join us on one of our guided tours. From choosing your excursions to scouting the best pubs in Ireland, part of the fun of booking trips is dreaming about your adventures. If you book during our Black Friday Event, you can spend the months leading up to your trip planning all the free time solo activities or fun group travel activities you want to try.

Booking now will also give you a chance to get to know your destination. Whether you’re scoping out the local restaurant scene or learning a few key phrases in Portuguese, Spanish, French, or Italian, familiarizing yourself with your destination now will help you prepare to travel in 2024.

Ready to book your 2024 travel now? Check out our Black Friday deals for the biggest savings of the year!

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