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Whether you want to soak in culture in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, stand in awe of snow-capped mountains in Patagonia, or feel the mist of Iguazú Falls, Argentina trips are sure to wow you.

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Bucket list trip!
4/4/2018 by 23-time traveler Martha R.
I have just returned from my first trip to South America. I am riding high on the energy and memories of this trip. It has given me a new level of adventure and daring that I don’t think I had before. There is something very life affirming about seeing animals in their natural setting.
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Amazing once in a lifetime experience
6/30/2016 by 2-time traveler Lauri D.
I had the most amazing time on this tour. It was a great mix of different experiences in beautiful places. I could hardly believe the great beauty I was seeing along the way. I really appreciated our Tour Guide, Jorge, and all the extra effort he put in to ensure our comfort in these new places.
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Travel tips for Argentina trips

When to visit Argentina

As with many places around the globe, the not-too-hot, not-too-cold shoulder seasons of spring and fall are wonderful times to visit Argentina. Since the Southern Hemisphere has opposite seasons to us here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring comes around from September through November, and fall is from March to May. The comfortable temperatures and smaller crowds you'll find during these times of year make for a more enjoyable experience on Argentina guided tours.

December through February marks the summer season in Argentina, which brings muggy weather and more crowds to Buenos Aires. Patagonia is also a popular destination for visitors who set out on Argentina travel packages during the summer, when the southern region experiences warm, sunny days. However, strong winds also blow through Patagonia during the the summer, and then lessen during spring and fall. Cold, rainy days are common during the winter, which goes from June through August.

Where to go in Argentina

Argentina tours offer the ideal mix of city and scenery. Head to the southernmost reaches of the country to explore one of the most pristine outdoor destinations visited on our Latin America tours: Patagonia. This picturesque region spans Argentina and Chile and boasts glaciers, wildlife, sprawling plains, and more. Cruise along the Perito Moreno Glacier face in the Los Glaciares National Park and stand in awe of Lago Argentino, a lake surrounded by mountains.

For even more outdoor adventure, add the Iguazú Falls extension on our Chile to Argentina: Santiago, Patagonia & Buenos Aires tour, or embark on our Rio, Iguazú Falls & Buenos Aires tour, to see the Argentinian side of Iguazú Falls. This waterfall splashes down almost 300 feet and is one of South America’s top natural wonders.

Of course, no Argentina trips are complete without a stop in the country's vibrant capital, Buenos Aires. This cosmopolitan city has been nicknamed “The Paris of South America,” and for good reason. From its striking architecture and world-class fashion scene to its many park and museums, Buenos Aires is the place to go to get your Argentine culture fix.

Want to get to the heart of wine country while on Argentina trips? The city of Mendoza is the place to go. Try the signature sip, Malbec, and immerse yourself in history as you explore on a guided tour.

Dining tips for Argentina

Calling all foodies—if delicious Latin American cuisine is what you're looking for, planning a trip to Argentina is a must. The country is known for its wine, lively food scene, and delicious meat dishes. In fact, Argentina is one of the largest consumers and exporters of beef in the world!

If you're more into vegetarian dishes or sweets, the country has more than enough to satisfy you on Argentina vacation packages. Here are a few of Argentina's most popular bites and culinary traditions:

  • Asado, a family-style barbecue of salt-rubbed meats, ribs, and chorizo sausages cooked over a fire pit on metal grills and crosses
  • Steak cooked in a parilla, an Argentine steakhouse that focuses on grilled meats
  • Ice cream, cookies called alfajores, and dulce de leche, a sweet honey-and-milk paste in pastries
  • Argentine empanadas, typically made with a flour-based dough and filled with ground beef, hard-boiled egg, olives, onions, and spices
  • Pizza in Buenos Aires, Latin America's unofficial "pizza capital"
  • Breaded meats called milanesas
  • Red Malbec wine

For a firsthand look at the city’s culinary culture, pop into an Argentinian cafe called a bodegon at 4pm to take part in the merienda, which is a small social meal consisting of breakfast goodies like pastries and coffee. Or, set out on our Food & Wine: Uruguay, Argentina & Chile tour to try the best of the best.

Packing tips for Argentina

Any trip is made instantly better when you have the right footwear, and Argentina tour packages are no exception! A good pair of walking shoes will get you comfortably from the bustling streets and sprawling parks of Buenos Aires to the trails of the remote Patagonia region. Trust us, your feet will thank you.

Speaking of Buenos Aires... this destination is a fashion lover's dream. It's been nicknamed “The Paris of South America," and people who live here like to look put together. While there's no need to stress about getting overly done up when you head out, you will feel most in step with the locals by wearing simple yet smart-looking clothes. As with any international trip, it's best to leave any expensive, flashy jewelry at home for Argentina small group tours; locals don't tend to wear it, so you'll only stand out as a tourist.

Bringing layers on Argentina group tours is also a good idea, as temperatures can vary from north to south. If you're traveling in the fall or winter, pack a warmer layer, rain coat, and hat to fend off the snow or strong winds you may come up against in Patagonia. No matter when you go, bring a camera and binoculars to get an up-close look at the scenery and wildlife.

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