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Zimbabwe tours

Zimbabwe tours

Visit some of Africa's most impressive landscapes on our tours to Zimbabwe. From one of the world's strongest waterfalls to sunset game drives through grassy plains, explore Zimbabwe with us.

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South Africa: Cape Town to Kruger National Park
11 days | 13 days with Victoria Falls extension

4.6 star rating

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What travelers say about their trips to Zimbabwe

Extremely good tour!
07/11/19 by 4th-time traveler Andy
This was our 5th GoAhead tour. They have all been great but this one stands out for several reasons. The tour director was marvelous. The Victoria Falls visit was awe inspiring and a key highlight. Everything was awesome, especially the safari guides!
Botswana & Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari
A wonderful experience for our family of 8 adults-money well spent
09/05/19 by 2nd-time traveler Betty
The hotels far exceeded my expectations as did the buffet meals provided. The game drives were exciting and came with frequent leg stretching and refreshment stops. Lots of added attractions- village visit, walking opposite Victoria Falls, local entertainment...
Botswana & Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari
A different type of Safari
09/14/16 by 4th-time traveler Linda
Our Botswana and Zimbabwe safari experience was great, even though it was far different from our previous safari with Go-Ahead to Kenya and Tanzania. We started the trip in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. We saw an abundance of wildlife and definitely got our fill of elephants and hippos!
Botswana & Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari
Magnificent trip
05/17/18 by 2nd-time traveler Alice
A big-time bucket list trip checked off with this fabulous trip, everything was great: accomodations, guides, tour director and the overwhelming majesty of he animals and birds. My husband and I highly recommend it!
Botswana & Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari

Travel tips for Zimbabwe trips

What are some of the best places to visit on a tour to Zimbabwe?

From one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls to sunset game drives through open grassy plains, find out firsthand why Africa is paradise for animal lovers and nature buffs. Here are the top three places to visit when you travel to Zimbabwe:

  • Victoria Falls. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and earth’s largest curtain of falling water, Victoria Falls is a highlight on any of our Zimbabwe tours. The mist that rises when the water hits the plateaus below can be seen more than 12 miles away and often creates beautiful, fully arching rainbows. Victoria Falls’ indigenous name is Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning “the smoke that thunders.” June and July are the best months to view the magnificent falls. Water levels are still reasonably high then, but low enough so there’s less spray and more visibility.

    Planning to travel to Zimbabwe? Read more about Victoria Falls before you go

  • Hwange National Park. Have your camera ready when you visit Zimbabwe’s largest game preserve. More than 100 species of mammals (including the Big Five) and 400 species of birds make their home in Hwange National Park. On our Zimbabwe tours, you’ll ramble across sweeping landscapes in search of elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalo, and a wealth of plains game. Elephants are the park’s most famous inhabitants. In fact, Hwange National Park is home to one of the world’s largest populations of the gentle giants.

  • Lake Kariba. Though not included on typical Zimbabwe travel packages, Lake Kariba is well worth the extra effort to see. The massive manmade lake (the world’s largest) offers magnificent sunrises and sunsets, sport fishing (the ferocious tiger fish), and excellent game viewing (think elephants, hippos, and crocodiles). The lake sits in the north of Zimbabwe, along the border of Zambia.

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When is the best time to visit Zimbabwe?

Weather and your interests play a big role in when you travel to Zimbabwe. While you can expect tropical heat year-round, the rainy season generally runs from October to March. But if you plan and pack accordingly, any time of year can be enjoyable to explore the country on Zimbabwe tour packages.

  • July through October. The high season for travel to Zimbabwe coincides with peak game viewing. You can expect milder temperatures and almost no rain during the dry season, making it a great time to book a safari on tours to Zimbabwe.
  • November through March for birding. If you’re interested in some of the world’s best birdwatching, you won’t find a better time to visit Zimbabwe. Pack rain gear along with your binoculars and enjoy the thousands of migratory birds that accompany the rain. With the tourist crowds thinned, you’ll have more of Zimbabwe to yourself.
  • Go between April and June to catch Victoria Falls at its thunderous peak. When the rains end in March, the Zambezi River reaches its peak and Victoria Falls is in full flow. You’ll be rewarded with some of the most dramatic views of the falls.
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What are some typical dishes to try on Zimbabwe tours?

Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes handed down through generations are the hallmarks of Zimbabwean food. When you visit Zimbabwe, you’ll find that locally sourced vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish make the most delicious, flavorful dishes. Here are some of the top foods to try on trips to Zimbabwe:

  • Sadza. This stiff maize meal porridge, found in every household, is a staple of the Zimbabwean diet. (It’s often the first food fed to babies.) What affects the flavor most is what sadza is served with—meat, veggies, and sauces. Sadza is excellent for dipping, too. Roll it into a ball and you’re ready to dunk it into stews and sauces.
  • Locally raised beef and goat. Zimbabwe’s dry, hot climate makes it more receptive to raising cows and goats than vegetables. That’s why you find meat on every menu, prepared in a variety of ways. Whether barbequed outdoors on a braai, seasoned and dried like a jerky (biltong), or in a traditional beef stew, such as nanya, locally raised meats are a favorite when traveling to Zimbabwe.
  • Fish. Much like the locally raised meats, the freshwater fish found on menus in Zimbabwe is prepared in many ways. Look for freshly caught tilapia grilled over hot coals at a street venue. Tilapia, like the sardine-sized kapenta from Lake Kariba, is also dried and served as jerky or in fried dishes. Regardless of the fish dish, you’ll find that Zimbabweans are passionate about maximizing the flavor.
  • Mopane worms. For the culinarily curious, fried mopane worms are considered a delicacy in Zimbabwe. The worms are prized for their protein and are often served with sadza. Some say the crunchy treat tastes like salty potato chips or burnt steak. You be the judge.
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What should I pack for Zimbabwe trips?

Tours to Zimbabwe are always incredible, but having the right stuff in your suitcase makes every trip better. You’ll want to be prepared for hot sunny days, cooler nights, and the occasional rain shower. Packing for safari also has its own set of rules and recommendations. Here are the essentials to toss in your suitcase.

  • Sun protection. When you travel to Zimbabwe, sun protection is very important. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a broad-brimmed hat to protect your face and the back of your neck from the sun.
  • Light layers. Expect hot, sunny weather during the day and the chance for cooler temps at night on Zimbabwe tours. You’ll want to pack loose-fitting, layered clothing so you’ll be ready for a range of temperatures. Quick-dry material is best for hot days, while a jacket is ideal for layering for early morning or evening game drives.
  • Neutral colors. Wear muted colors for game drives. Bright clothing may scare animals away, and blue and black clothing attracts tsetse flies.
  • Rain protection. Occasional rain showers are common during certain seasons, so lightweight rainwear may be necessary depending on the timing of your trip. A light, waterproof jacket will keep you from getting soaked when the showers appear.
  • Comfortable footwear. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes, such as sneakers or lightweight hiking boots, are best for wherever you travel on Zimbabwe trip packages. Whether walking the trail to Victoria Falls or on a full-day game drive in Hwange National Park, you’ll be glad you brought your most comfortable footwear.
  • Soft-sided duffel bag. If you’re going on safari when visiting Zimbabwe, you’ll need the right bag. Wheeled and hard-sided bags aren’t permitted. Our staff researched the pros and cons of the top soft-sided duffels. Read the results and recommendations for African safari packing tips →
  • Other essentials. Insect repellent and binoculars are highly recommended. We also suggest bringing a flashlight, as some hotels turn off their electricity at night.
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