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Influencer Travel

Hosting your followers on a private tour can strengthen bonds within your community—and boost your business, too. Our Influencer Travel Program makes all that (and more) happen for travel bloggers and content creators like you. Here’s how.

Partner with us
Travel the world (for free!)

Get 14 travelers to join your private tour, and your spot’s complimentary. Plus, with each trip you host, you’ll earn points you can redeem for more travel.

How hosting
with us works

We’ll take care of every last detail so you can engage with your community out in the world, create exciting and original content, and keep growing your business.

Start planning your influencer trip

Pick (or plan)
your perfect trip

Go private with your group on any of our 200+ guided tours, tweak a trip to match your interests, or work with our in-house team of experts to design an itinerary just for you and your followers.

Announce your tour and get travelers on board

Share the news about your trip on your platform (we’ll send a customized tour page you can post), and start signing travelers up to get your free spot and commissions.

Start prepping
your packing list

While you and your travelers decide what to bring, we’ll be busy arranging your hotels, meals, and more essentials. That kind of service and expertise is what going guided’s all about.

Take off and join
your crew on tour

Enjoy all the sightseeing, cafe hopping, late-night laughing, picture taking, and memory making with your community knowing that we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Share the inspiring
content you’ve created

Whether you publish blogs, post Reels, create TikToks, or produce YouTube videos, share your original content from tour—and get more of your audience excited about traveling on a future trip.

Why go with us? We do support and service best.

When you host a private tour through our Influencer Travel Program, you’ll have support from Go Ahead’s own in-house team of tour designers, customer support specialists, and safety experts every step of the way. Here are just a few resources and options we offer to make your tour personal, easy to plan, and enjoyable from start to finish.

Get started

Your own dedicated
Go Ahead Tours team

Your dedicated Influencer Manager will help you plan the perfect Private Tour. Your Account Manager will handle travelers’ payments, insurance options, and much more.

Our global network
of experts

We have more than 50,000 staffers in offices around the world, which means we’re never far away. And, we’ve got more than 55 years of experience planning guided group tours all over the globe.

24/7 support from
our in-house staff

From touchdown to takeoff, your group will be accompanied by a seasoned, savvy Tour Director. Plus, our global staff will be here to support you around the clock. (Always us. No third parties, ever.)

Excursions & more
customization options

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tour. You and your travelers can add flights, choose optional excursions (think day trips and live music and dancing), and book your tour’s extension for a bit more exploration.

Our free (and pretty
awesome) mobile app

Our app offers travelers an easy way to connect with the whole group while maintaining their privacy. Travelers can message each other and their Tour Director, view their itinerary and hotels, and share photos from the trip.

A personalized tour
page for your trip

To help spread the word about your tour, we’ll create a personalized tour page for you to share on your platform, and for your followers to share with friends. And it’s private, so you won’t have to worry about competition from other influencers.

Get inspired by some of our most popular tours

views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground
A Week in Greece: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini
9 days | 12 days with Rome extension

4.7 star rating

View tour

FAQs about hosting followers on tour

What does the trip planning process like?
  • Typically, we begin planning influencer trips about 9–12 months ahead of your chosen departure date. We are flexible, though, so we’ll do our best to accommodate shortened or extended timelines.
  • If you have a preferred itinerary but want to make some changes to it, let us know! We regularly work with travel bloggers and content creators to customize itineraries. For more details, visit this page.
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Where will my group and I stay?
  • You and your influencer travel group will stay in hotels that strike a just-right balance between comfort, cleanliness, location, and local charm. (We vet each place before booking it.) While specific accommodations may vary between departures, you can preview frequently used hotels right on the tour’s webpage.
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Who will lead my trip?
  • While you’ll technically host your influencer trip, you and your group will be led by an expert Tour Director. These local guides take care of all trip logistics: attractions, transportation, you name it. They’re also intimately familiar with the regions you’ll visit, so you and your followers can explore new territory together.
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Is my trip free?
  • Yes! As a travel content creator, your spot is free when you recruit 14 or more people. You’re only responsible for nonincluded meals and whatever you choose to do in your free time.
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Can I bring someone on my trip?
  • Depending on how many people you recruit, you can bring a plus-one on your influencer trip free of charge. Reach out to one of our experts for the specifics.
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Who do I contact if I have hosting questions?
  • Fill out this quick form to get in touch with a dedicated influencer travel specialist. If you have questions, they’re the best person to ask!
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