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With EF Go Ahead Tours, you can share your love of travel with friends, family, and neighbors and enjoy the same the EF benefits you know and love—including Global Rewards, our industry-leading loyalty program.

Same Global Rewards benefits
Earn Global Points on tour
Same 6:1 free place ratio
Same amazing Tour Directors

It’s your turn for adventure

Taking students on a tour is incredibly rewarding, and now it’s your turn to explore the world on over 175 culturally immersive tours designed for travelers like you.

Small groups capped at 38 travelers
Handpicked, centrally located hotels
Authentic local meals with beer or wine included
Flexibility to add activities or enjoy free time
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What other EF Tours Group Leaders say

Go Ahead Tours equal the student tours in excitement, adventure, and cultural immersion, but they also go beyond that. You can concentrate on your experience. My main job is to treat myself and enjoy the tour as a group member alongside my friends and family.”

—Diane, Group Leader for both EF Tours & EF Go Ahead Tours

I was very pleased with the transition from being a teacher leader to being an adult leader because I was able to experience everything... You’re working on Educational Tours trips with students, but with the adults, it was like being on a vacation.”

—Janet, Group Leader for both EF Tours & EF Go Ahead Tours

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Frequently asked questions

How many travelers do I need to recruit to earn a free place?

With EF Go Ahead Tours, you’ll get the same great 6:1 free place ratio you enjoy on EF Tours. That means for every six travelers you bring, you’ll earn one free spot on your tour to use however you like.

How will EF Go Ahead Tours help me recruit travelers?

When you join EF Go Ahead Tours as a Group Coordinator, you’ll be paired with a dedicated Tour Consultant and Account Manager who’ll help you with every step of the process. We’ll also make you personalized materials to help spread the word, like posters, business cards, and your own webpage.

Will I still earn Global Points?

Yes! You’ll enjoy the same loyalty rewards you get for recruiting travelers with EF Tours, plus your status will carry over on any trips you take with Go Ahead Tours.

What makes EF Go Ahead Tours different from other EF Tours?

Our trips both share the benefits of EF’s global network, educational heritage, and local-everywhere expertise—but EF Go Ahead Tours are designed for adult travelers. That means you’ll enjoy more freedom on tour, have beer or wine included with dinner, stay in centrally located hotels, and have groups that are always capped at 38 travelers.

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