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Where new adventures meet familiar benefits

Welcome to EF Go Ahead Tours, we offer over 175 guided tours across all seven continents so you can keep checking places off of your bucket list. And what’s even better? Our itineraries and amenities are geared toward adult travelers. (We’re talking Food & Wine Tours, safaris, and more!) You’re already a travel pro from your experience as a Group Leader, and we think you’d be a great Group Coordinator for Go Ahead. Join us on tour to continue earning Global Points. You'll also keep your loyalty status and still earn a free trip for every six travelers you bring with you. Interested? We thought you might be!

Your job ends with takeoff

No room checking, just vacationing

Indulge in local cuisine (with beer and wine pairings!)

Explore on your own with plenty of free time

Choose from over 175 global tour options

Stay close to the action in handpicked hotels

Start planning your trip

My husband and I did student tours for years. We just returned from Italy with our small group of adult travelers. Loved it—no room checks! Leisurely dinners (with cocktails). No counting constantly to make sure you have everyone. It felt more like a vacation and less like work.”

—Group Coordinator Kimberly

Why travel with us

Free tours for every six travelers booked, Global Points, and trips you won’t find elsewhere are just a few reasons you’ll want to book your trip.

Continue to rack up points in our Global Rewards program

When you become a Group Coordinator, you keep collecting Global Points and maintain your status. Spend your points on Convention Tours, other Go Ahead trips, electronics, on-tour experiences, and more.

Earn the industry’s best rewards, one free tour for every six group members you bring

Just like with EF Educational Tours, for every six travelers you bring, you’ll earn a free spot—and there’s no limit to the number of free spaces you can earn or tours you can take.

Meet, greet, and don’t forget to explore on Convention Tours

We design these exclusive trips just for Group Coordinators. They include guided sightseeing tours, immersive activities, and plenty of time to swap everything from travel stories to recruiting strategies.

Plan your trip with us

You bring the inspiration,
we’ll bring the support

We help you succeed with these resources 


Access to tried and true tools

We’ll set you up with a website, shareable itineraries, and our Group Coordinator Toolkit. If that’s not enough, our app is a one-stop shop for recruiting, chatting, even making a destination bucket list. 


Dedicated support

Work with your own Tour Consultant and Account Manager. They'll help you plan your trip and answer any questions you and your travelers have.


Community connections

We’ll welcome you to our private Facebook group to meet and engage with fellow Group Coordinators, and introduce you to our Global Ambassadors—they love offering their expertise and advice. 

Schedule a call with us

One app to do it all

Your whole travel experience in one place

EF Mobile App

  1. Get tour notifications and updates on everything from required travel documents to newly booked group members.
  2. Stay organized using features that let you view each group member’s status and get a pulse on the interest levels of potential travelers. Plus, keep your to-dos in order with our pre-travel checklist.
  3. Save snapshots of your favorite moments in the travel log, where you can also journal.
  4. Chat with group members and never miss a question (or a compliment)!
  5. Store travelers’ contact information so you can let them know where you’re going next.

Get started as a Group Coordinator

Being carefree on tour is the number one benefit from Go Ahead Tours. It’s not just the places, it’s sharing it with friends and family.”

—Group Coordinator Diane

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