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Entry Requirements

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Please note that these requirements are subject to change and should be reviewed again closer to your departure date.

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    Tour Participation Requirements

    Travel is back, and new guidelines are in place to keep you safe while you enjoy your tour. Please review the following Safe Traveler Agreement requirements and destination-specific requirements before you hit the road to ensure a smooth travel experience.  

    Masks will be required in some destinations
    COVID-19 Test
    A negative COVID-19 test is required before departure
    All travelers on international tours must be fully vaccinated

    Entry and On-Tour Requirements

    Here’s what you need to know about destination-specific requirements for your tour itinerary.

    Please note these requirements are provided by a third-party service and may not fully reflect the current requirements for each destination. Local requirements may be listed for destinations not visited on your tour itinerary. Cross-reference your itinerary to confirm which guidelines apply to you.

    For example, Italy may include requirements for traveling through Puglia, but if you're not traveling through Puglia on your trip to Italy, these requirements would not apply to you.

    Important Note: Remember to research your flight itinerary’s transit/layover requirements that may not appear below. Certain countries require you to meet their regulations, even if you are not leaving the airport. You can search entry requirements for any country using this link: https://www.goaheadtours.com/entry-requirements

    The United States to The United States

    Basic requirements


    Masks & testing

    Will masks be required on my tour?

    EF follows local guidelines and protocols for mask-wearing. The EF Tour Director will let travelers know when a mask is required. If multiple countries are visited on tour, it’s likely that mask-wearing protocols will change frequently. We encourage travelers to bring 1 mask for every day of tour, per the CDC recommendation.

    Please note: Some destinations with mask requirements specify certain types of masks to be worn. For example, many European countries require an FFP2 mask to be worn in public indoor settings (an FFP2 mask is the equivalent of a US N95 mask). We encourage travelers to review mask guidelines of each location on their tour before departure.

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    Why do I need to get a pre-tour test even if my first destination doesn't require it?

    Travel testing protocols can change with very short notice. We require a negative COVID test before departure for the safety of the entire group and to ensure travelers are prepared if new testing requirements are put into effect close to their departure. Additionally, all tours require at least one test while abroad, and some multi-country tours test often. Testing for COVID prior to tour is a chance to catch it early and protect travelers from being forced into mandatory isolation if they test positive while far from home.

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    Can I use an at-home rapid test before going on tour?

    You should always ensure that you take the type of COVID test that will be accepted by your first country of entry based on the parameters they put forth for proof of negative results (See destination-specific details provided above). If your tour's starting destination does not require a test, EF Go Ahead still requires proof of negative test result and will allow for an at-home rapid test taken within 24 hours of tour.

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    Will I have to coordinate my own tests while on tour?

    No, EF will coordinate all required on-tour testing. You will be responsible for paying for the scheduled tests. In some circumstances, we’ll provide self-tests while on tour rather than visiting a testing lab, and those tests will be added to your pre-tour payments. Keep in mind that you’re required to schedule your own pre-departure test within 72 hours of leaving for tour. 

    Please note: EF is not responsible for coordinating tests for any independent travel you may do after tour, even if your return flight has been booked with EF. 

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    Should I expect to pay for COVID tests on tour?

    Yes, travelers should expect to pay for their COVID tests before and/or on tour. COVID testing has become a regular, normal part of traveling abroad, and EF Go Ahead supports groups by coordinating all on-tour testing, as well as covering quarantine costs if a traveler tests positive on tour. Please review the question, “What is the EF COVID Care Promise?” below for more details.

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    How do I provide my negative test result to Go Ahead before my tour?

    You should always ensure that you take the type of COVID test that will be accepted by your first country of entry based on the parameters they put forth for proof of negative results (See destination-specific details provided above). If you take an official lab test (PCR or Antigen), please bring a copy or photo (digital or printed) of your result to your tour. If you take an at-home rapid test, please take a photo of your test with the time stamp. You will provide your test results to your Tour Director upon your arrival.

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    Why is there a vaccine requirement for my tour?

    While specific vaccination requirements vary by destination, an increasing number of countries are adding vaccine and/or booster requirements for entry. In destinations where proof of a COVID-19 vaccination is not currently required for entry, the rapidly evolving restrictions and requirements (such as mandatory quarantine for non-vaccinated travelers, and daily testing for entry to sites and restaurants) make it unfeasible for your tour to operate without a fully vaccinated group at this time. The only exception to this requirement is for travelers on US-only tour itineraries departing June 10th, 2022 or later. See the FAQ below for more information about specific guidelines for international tours.

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    What is vaccine validity and how do I know if my vaccine is valid?

    Some international destinations require that travelers not only be fully vaccinated, but also have had their most recent shot within a certain time of their travel date. Some factors that fall under vaccine validity are:

    • How recently did you receive your latest shot?
    • Which manufacturer issued your vaccine?
      • All common US and Canadian vaccines (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen [Johnson & Johnson]) are approved by the World Health Organization as globally accepted vaccines. However, some requirements may change depending on the type of vaccine you received. Please review your Entry and On-Tour Requirements section for more details.
    • Have you received a booster shot?

    For example: A country may state that your last full vaccination shot must be no more than 9 months prior to your arrival. However, if you received your third booster shot, you would be exempt from that timeframe.

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    Do I need a booster shot to travel?

    Some international destinations require an actual third shot. Others may give a vaccine expiration date, and a booster shot will lengthen the time you have before your vaccine validity expires. See the question “what is vaccine validity and how does it affect me?” for more information about booster shots.

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    How do I need to present my proof of vaccine?

    Every destination has a different requirement for proof of vaccination. For example, The CDC white card is not always accepted, so you may need to upload your CDC card to a scannable QR code format. Please see the Entry and On-Tour requirements section for your tour to review what form of documentation you will need for entry or to obtain a health pass.

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    What is a health pass?

    To enhance safety measures, some countries have implemented a Health Pass regulation to enter indoor venues, such as restaurants, bars, or museums. To obtain a health pass, you’ll need to show proof of vaccination within the country’s guidelines. Review the Entry and On-Tour requirements section, where you’ll find detailed information about a health pass if it’s needed for your tour. 

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    Can I use my CDC white card in lieu of obtaining a health pass?

    Many destinations accept the CDC white card as valid proof of vaccination. Some require a health pass in addition to your CDC card. Please review your Entry and On-Tour requirements and refer to the official government website of your destination to determine if you need to obtain a separate health pass. 

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    Forms & documents

    When should I complete my passenger locator form, health declaration, and/or pre-registration forms?

    We recommend completing your forms 48-72 hours prior to your departure. These forms are intended to allow for contact tracing if it becomes necessary, so you'll need to budget about 10-20 minutes and have your hotel and flight information handy in order to complete them. 

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    If I purchased a travel protection plan with EF Go Ahead Tours, how do I obtain proof of insurance?

    If proof of insurance is a requirement for your destination(s), EF will proactively secure and send you a copy before your departure. If you need to request proof of insurance, please chat live with a representative.  

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    What is the EF COVID Care Promise?

    The EF COVID Care Promise is industry-leading support provided exclusively to all EF travelers. If a traveler is either diagnosed with COVID-19 while on tour or required to quarantine on account of COVID-19 while on tour, EF will provide or arrange for the following, consistent with local requirements, at no additional expense to the traveler throughout the duration of any on-tour hospitalization and/or quarantine period:

    • Lodging and meals
    • EF representatives available to support the traveler and to coordinate with local authorities on their behalf where necessary
    • Assistance connecting with local health care providers
    • Translation services
    • Communication between the traveler and the traveler’s family back home
    • EF arranged flights home, once cleared to return, for travelers who purchased the EF Go Ahead Tours airfare package

    Please note: Travelers are responsible for their own medical expenses. We recommend that you confirm your existing health insurance plan coverage while traveling, as well as consider your travel coverage options: https://www.goaheadtours.com/about/travel-protection

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    My flight itinerary has a connecting flight in another country before I arrive at my destination/return home. Do I need to follow that country’s entry requirements? 

    Most airports do not enforce entry requirements for people in transit, but some might. Once you have your flight information, you should contact the airline directly to determine your transit requirements. 

    Example Scenario: Your tour destination is Italy, but you have a connecting flight in Spain. Do you need to follow the entry requirements for Spain, too? 

    Answer: Contact your airline to determine if Spain requires transit travelers to abide by their COVID Entry Requirements. 

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    What if can’t meet the country requirements and need to reschedule my tour?

    We continue to provide flexibility and options for all our travelers. You have until your Tour Finalization Deadline to postpone your tour with no penalty should you be unable to travel, or feel uncomfortable traveling, as scheduled. Any changes after that deadline will incur cancellation fees; however, in order to provide added flexibility in these uncertain times, the following reduced fees apply for travelers who rebook to a new tour:

    • Prior to your Tour Finalization Deadline: free rebooking
    • Between your Tour Finalization Deadline and 8 days before your scheduled tour: $500 to rebook per person
    • In the final week before your scheduled tour: $1,000 to rebook per person

    These fees are in addition to any applicable changes in tour price. Click here for information on our standard cancellation policies. Please note: you are responsible for meeting the requirements applicable to your tour. If you are unable to meet any applicable requirements, you will be subject to the standard cancellation and rescheduling policies outlined above.

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    How else can I prepare for travel?

    For added peace of mind, travelers can purchase AnyReason Protection, an EF Go Ahead Tours benefit you can include with your Travel Protection package. It allows you to cancel for any reason until you check in for your first flight, and to receive a future travel voucher in the amount of your cancellation fee. Any remaining payments outside of this voucher will be refunded, less the insurance premium. That way, you’re covered until the moment you leave for tour. Call us at 1-800-597-0350 to add this protection to your account.

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