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Travel safety & support

As we prepare to travel again, we’re taking extra steps to guide you on enjoyable journeys that are as safe as possible. Find out more about our comprehensive approach to travel in the age of COVID-19, including our new guidelines, ongoing response, and flexible booking policies.

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New standards

Our Travel-Ready Approach

We’re implementing new guidelines in response to COVID-19, like the EF COVID Care Promise, with the health and well-being of our travelers and staff at the forefront.

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Travel updates

Situations we’re monitoring

Stay informed about which departures are impacted by COVID-19 and read our travel updates FAQ.

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Extra assurance

Plan travel with confidence

We’ve introduced policies so it’s easier than ever for you to make travel a reality, and get back out there when the time is right.

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EF COVID Care Promise

If a traveler is either diagnosed with COVID-19 while on tour or required to quarantine on account of COVID-19 while on tour, EF will provide or arrange for support including lodging, meals, translation services, and more.

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Your safety is our top priority

24/7 availability

A specially-trained, dedicated expert team is just a phone call away if any urgent issue arises while you’re on tour. Reach our On-Tour Support Team at +1-617-619-1911.

Experienced leaders

Your Tour Director will be available to you and your group from the moment you arrive at your destination airport until you head home.

55 years of experience

Our global team of experts has been helping travelers like you explore the world safely and comfortably for more than half a century.