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About Us
Travel-Ready Approach

Our Travel-Ready Approach

Wherever you go, whenever you travel.
We will always have your back.

Our Travel-Ready Approach

Wherever you go, whenever you travel.
We will always have your back.

See the world again with our
industry-leading approach to safer travel

Since our founding in 1965, our travelers’ safety has always come first. That’s why we’ve always provided unmatched global support, planning, and expertise, so everyone feels empowered to explore the world. Now, as we return to travel, we’re enhancing our policies even further to get you back on the road with peace of mind. This is our Travel-Ready Approach.

The EF Advantage

From our EF Global Safety Network to our crisis response team, we lead the way in safety and support. Our experts constantly review national and international travel guidelines to ensure your trip will meet our rigorous safety—and satisfaction—standards. We’re always there when you need us with:

  • 24/7 on-call support
  • 50,000 EF staff on the ground to support you in 50 countries
  • 55+ years of experience supporting travelers on tour

A comprehensive approach

Here are just a few ways we’re making travel less stressful for you, so you can book with confidence.

Flexible policies

We know that, lately, plans have been pretty hard to keep. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help you book your dream trip with confidence. That includes:

  • Flexible booking policies
  • Cancel-for-any-reason protection
  • No change fees

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Enhanced protocols

The World Travel & Tourism Council awarded us the first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp. We’re proud to commit to:

  • Only featuring hotels, restaurants, and suppliers that follow local health policies
  • Sanitizing our private motor coaches throughout the tour
  • Visiting major tourist locations during off-peak hours

Support on tour

In the rare instance you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 or need to quarantine while on tour, we’ll be there to assist you, at no additional cost, by:

  • Covering food & lodging
  • Rescheduling your flights home if we booked them
  • Coordinating translation services

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Ready to take a trip?

See where you can travel right now—and how our Travel-Ready Approach will support you from booking to breathtaking memories.

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Already booked?

Find out more about our on-the-road support, as well as our travel vouchers and rebooking policies in case your plans change.

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Entry requirements

Enter the name of the tour you’ve reserved (or put on your wish list), and we’ll give you the most up-to-date entry requirements.

European travel requirement notice

A new European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) requirement is coming in 2025. The European Union has not released all details yet. For now, visit our help center to see if your destination will require ETIAS approval.

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“Just returned from Greece (in June). The trip was wonderful and our entire group felt safe throughout. EF Go Ahead Tours did an amazing job of preparing us and facilitating testing for re-entry. Feels so good to be back out there!”

—Traveler Michelle

Frequently asked questions

How does Go Ahead decide which itineraries will depart as scheduled?

At EF Go Ahead Tours, the health and safety of our travelers and staff is a top priority. EF considers guidelines released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and the U.S. Department of State, and our global 24/7 Emergency Service, Safety & Incident Response Team closely monitors each of our destinations to identify potential risks and local regulations.

We are reviewing each country we visit on tour to assess any border restrictions and to confirm flights are operating between the U.S., Canada, and that destination. We are continuously communicating with our suppliers to review and uphold our safety protocols and safe travel standards, and are working with our local staff to thoroughly understand the environment of our destinations before we travel there. It is important to us that we are providing our travelers with immersive, cultural experiences, so we are careful to assess whether points of interest are open to travelers and whether new policies and social distancing standards will inhibit a traveler’s experience. In the age of COVID-19, we are also specifically regulating reports regarding infection rates and health care accessibility and will closely monitor any changes in reported rates following a destination’s reopening before commencing travel.

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What other recommendations does Go Ahead have regarding my health and safety?

EF Go Ahead Tours recommends that all travelers follow the recommendations of their own medical professionals. Experts advise people to frequently wash their hands in warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds and to avoid touching their face. Be aware of high-touch surfaces, such as handrails, arm rests, and security bins at the airport, and be sure to wash hands thoroughly after coming in contact with such surfaces, or before any meal. If possible, wipe down any personal surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes before use and bring hand sanitizer for moments when water or soap may not be available.

Hand sanitizer will be available on all our buses and we recommend travelers use it upon re-entering the bus. Buses will be cleaned and sanitized regularly, with a specific focus on high-frequency touchpoints. Tour Directors will also provide a reminder of these guidelines at the start of every tour.

As always, we recommend our travelers appoint an Emergency Contact who can be reached in case of any urgent concerns during their tour. This individual should be aware they are being listed as an Emergency Contact and their name and phone number should be reported to Go Ahead prior to departure.

Finally, we also recommend our travelers speak with their doctors about any concerns they may have about traveling during this time. We are not medical professionals and will always encourage our travelers to take the advice of their own physicians.

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Is there anything specific I should pack to prepare for travel during the time of COVID-19?

In addition to our standard packing list, we recommend travelers pack masks, hand sanitizer, and anti-bacterial wipes in their carry-on bags. As always, keep any prescriptions in your carry-on as well, in case of any luggage delays.

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What should I expect at airports and on my flights?

Travelers should plan to arrive earlier than usual at the airport to allow additional time for potential health screening and social distancing protocols. Airlines and airports will enforce their own health and safety measures and travelers should adhere to the guidelines in place. For additional information about your flight, visit your airline’s website.

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Will there be changes to the meals on tour to accommodate for health recommendations?

We are working closely with each of our suppliers to adjust our dining experience in accordance to local and expert guidelines. In some cases, we will adapt our meals to accommodate social distancing and reduce the number of shared surfaces as much as possible.

We partner with restaurants and suppliers that meet superior cleanliness standards and follow the safety protocols in place in their region. We discourage travelers from sharing food and drinks with others on tour and, again, advise travelers to thoroughly wash their hands before eating.

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What procedures are in place if someone becomes sick during their tour?

Tour Directors and our On-Tour Support Teams are trained prior to departure on how to respond to any medical concerns that come up during a tour. For most health-related questions, travelers will be advised to seek medical attention, with the assistance of their Tour Director or another local EF staff or guide. Local medical professionals will assess the severity of the condition and will advise on appropriate treatment and protocols.

If any traveler is diagnosed with COVID-19 while on tour, EF will provide additional on-the-ground support at no extra cost with our COVID Care Promise. Should a traveler test positive for COVID-19 during their tour experience, Go Ahead will inform other members of tour as soon as possible and will then follow local protocols to best protect their health and safety. Travelers diagnosed with COVID-19 on tour may not continue on tour. The subsequent response will vary based on the specific conditions of the situation and the policies set in place by local authorities. Go Ahead will continue to communicate necessary information to the travelers in the group until a resolution has been reached and will assist in making arrangements should travelers be required, or if they desire, to return home due to a positive COVID-19 test.

Our extensive network of offices around the world, and integration of ISO 31000: Risk Management Guidelines, help our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Service, Safety & Incident Response Team anticipate and address on-tour challenges—in a flexible and iterative way.

See our Terms & Conditions for additional details.

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What is the EF COVID Care Promise?

The EF COVID Care Promise is provided to all travelers. If a traveler is either diagnosed with COVID-19 while on tour or required to quarantine on account of COVID-19 while on tour, EF will provide or arrange for the following, consistent with local requirements, at no additional expense to the traveler throughout the duration of any on-tour hospitalization and/or quarantine period:

  • Lodging and meals
  • EF representatives available to support the traveler and to coordinate with local authorities on their behalf where necessary
  • Assistance connecting with local health care providers
  • Translation services
  • Communication between the traveler and the traveler’s family back home
  • EF arranged flights home, once cleared to return, for travelers who purchased the EF Go Ahead Tours airfare package

Please note: Travelers are responsible for their own medical expenses. We recommend that you confirm your existing health insurance plan coverage while traveling, as well as consider your travel coverage options.

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Should I consider travel coverage for my tour?

Yes, we recommend that all travelers consider purchasing travel coverage to complement the provisions of the EF COVID Care Promise and also to help safeguard your investment with cancellation coverage for many unexpected situations. Trip Protection offers coverage for circumstances that may keep you from your planned travel, including Tour Cancellation & Interruption, Travel & Baggage Delay, Accident & Sickness, and Baggage & Personal Effects.

Plus, when you enroll within three days of booking your trip, you’ll be eligible for an Early Enrollment Package, which includes a Pre-Existing Condition Waiver and AnyReason Protection (additional non-insurance benefits). Read more about your travel coverage options.

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What if the status of my destination changes while I am traveling?

Should a destination be put under a stay-at-home order while travelers are on the road, we will either reroute the tour or bring all travelers home as soon as possible. For tours with itinerary adjustments, customers will not incur any additional fees. Customers with flights purchased through Go Ahead will not incur any flight change fees. Go Ahead also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make the decision to end a tour early due to COVID-19 concerns even if a destination does not have a stay-at-home order.

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What if I am detained at the airport due to health checks?

Due to enhanced screening measures at airports, it is possible that travelers showing symptoms may be denied boarding and could be held at an airport for additional testing. In these instances, travelers should call our 24/7 On-Tour Support Team. While travelers must adhere to the airport guidelines in place, Go Ahead can assist in communicating with group members and supporting travelers throughout the experience.

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