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Group Coordinator Terms...

Group Coordinator Terms & Conditions

Valid from March 1, 2017

The above referenced Group Coordinator agrees to work with Go Ahead Tours (GAT) to recruit participants for the specified tour under the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Group Coordinator agrees to GAT’s Terms & Conditions as outlined on the website:

2. Group Coordinator understands that if he/she recruits a minimum of six full-paying travelers* he/she will receive a free tour subject to the Terms & Conditions contained in this agreement. If a minimum of six prepaid travelers are recruited, the following benefits will apply:

  • The Group Coordinator will earn one free place on tour for every six full-paying travelers recruited.
  • If Group Coordinator recruits additional full-paying travelers beyond those required for his/her desired number of free places, he/she will have the option to offer a discount to a travel companion or take a cash stipend. Please note: Travel companion discount is not combinable with any promotional discounts.
  • Group Coordinator will earn one free optional excursion and/or tour extension for every six prepaid traveler reservations on each specific optional excursion or tour extension.
  • Group Coordinator will earn free travel protection if a minimum of 10 full-paying travelers purchase travel protection of equal value.
  • Group Coordinator will earn Global Points for each traveler reservation, including tour extensions.

3. The Group Coordinator free place includes round-trip airfare and accommodation in a standard room (or, in the case of a Land & Cruise Tour, a standard inside cabin) as well as any other tour inclusions listed as part of the program fee. Should the Group Coordinator wish to have a single room or upgrade his/her cabin category, he/she understands that he/she will be responsible for paying any supplemental fees. Group Coordinator discounts and free place(s) are not combinable with any promotional discounts, including Welcome Home Credits.

4. The value of the free place discount, calculated as outlined above, will be based on the Group Coordinator’s reserved tour. Application of the free place discount to other travelers besides the Group Coordinator will be based on either the Group Coordinator’s tour or the traveler’s own reservation, whichever has a lower monetary value.

5. Should the Group Coordinator not recruit the required number of travelers to earn a free place (or free places), his/her tour price may be reduced on a prorated basis after final payment date, depending on group size, booking date and tour cost. Price reduction is not guaranteed and is subject to GAT’s discretion.

6. All benefits granted under the Group Travel Program will be based on those travelers paid in full by 30 days prior to departure. In the event that Group Coordinator does not recruit the minimum number of participants to qualify for benefits, payment in full of the program fee as determined by GAT will be due no later than 30 days prior to departure.

7. Group Coordinator agrees to act as liaison between the travelers in his/her group and GAT. Group Coordinator must read all written materials from GAT and relay all relevant information to the group including, but not limited to, the Group Reservation Form, the Terms & Conditions and GAT’s policies regarding travel arrangements. All participants in the group must agree to the Terms & Conditions as outlined at

8. Group Coordinator understands that travelers reserving their tour at different times or traveling from different gateways may not receive the same flight itinerary. Split itineraries may also result from air travel requirements or restrictions.

9. Group Coordinator understands that GAT’s contracts with the airlines require submission of all flight dates and requests for travelers no later than 120 days prior to departure. If changes are made after this point, your group members may incur fees to accommodate those changes.

*Full-paying traveler is defined as any traveler who is reserved on tour, with or without airfare from GAT, and has paid in full by the final payment date for the tour.

Full-paying travelers cannot receive any promotional discounts except the World Traveler Club credit and/or Welcome Home Credit. Different benefits may apply if an alternative benefits program is chosen with your Tour Consultant.