Machu Picchu, the Galápagos Islands' wildlife or vibrant Havana—South and Central America tours have so much in store.

South and Central America tours offer something for every traveler. Cultural capitals—from Rio in Brazil to Havana in Cuba—invite you to experience local life, while ancient wonders like Peru’s Machu Picchu offer keys to the past, and getting up close to wildlife in the Galápagos Islands and Amazon rainforest makes for an unforgettable adventure.

Local culture

Go Ahead Director of Product Development Lael recently explored Cuba and was blown away by the island’s varied cultural experiences. Here, he shares some musical highlights—one of the many aspects of local culture you’ll see on a tour of Cuba.

“We not only learned a lot about Peru, we were treated to its rich culture in person. From markets to cathedrals and fabulous museums, we loved them all.”

Margaret's review of Ancient Peru & Machu Picchu

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