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5 Ways for travelers to celebrate Earth Day

Apr 22, 2016 by Courtney Keller

Today marks the 46th annual celebration of Earth Day and it has everyone here at Go Ahead thinking about how we can appreciate the world around us. Here are five ways that we can each do our part to make every day a little greener, both on our tours and at home.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

1. Make local connections

Getting to know the local culture is one of the most rewarding ways to discover a new destination. There are countless opportunities to do this during a trip, like enjoying dinner hosted by a Kiwi family in New Zealand. Shopping local is another great way to connect with the community you’re visiting. By searching out traditional handmade goods, you’re providing support for the artists and craftsmen who create them.

2. Appreciate natural beauty

Take time to explore and marvel at the natural beauty of these protected landscapes, right in your own backyard. There are even ways to go a step further and support the environment during your visit. On one of our U.S. national parks tours, you can take part in a volunteering opportunity to help clean up and maintain the land.

5 Cities making it easy to be green

3. Visit green cities

Did you know that the European Commission (the executive branch of the European Union) awards the title of European Green Capital to a different city each year? Stockholm, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Ljubljana have all been recognized for their commitment to improving both the environment and quality of life for citizens and travelers alike. Pay a visit to any of these urban centers to enjoy their plentiful green spaces and see their sustainability initiatives in action.

Spain's Coast & Islands Walking Tours

4. Explore by foot

Of course you’ll need to fly, drive or hop on a train to get to a faraway destination, but try out an alternate form of transportation once you arrive: your own two feet! Stretch your legs and stroll through your new surroundings. When you choose to walk through your destination, you’ll have the unique chance to soak up the scenery of a new city or get closer to nature. A Walking Tour is a great way to see Europe by foot.

Check out this blog post to find the Walking Tour that’s right for you

5. Be mindful of your energy use

Many of the small choices you make daily can have a big impact on our planet. Some tips for staying green while traveling? Before you leave for a trip, make sure all of your appliances are turned off and unplugged so they don’t use extra energy while you’re traveling. Only take as many maps or brochures as you need while traveling, and be sure to recycle them rather than throw them in the trash. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, whether that’s at home or in a hotel on tour. To conserve water, turn it off while you’re brushing your teeth and keep your showers short. Even simple changes like this can make a difference.

Will you be celebrating Earth Day today? How do you stay green while traveling? Let us know on Facebook.

About the author | Courtney Keller
A lover of travel since studying in France, Courtney strives to inspire others to get out and see the world. When she’s not writing, she’s trying new restaurants, reading, doing yoga, baking, walking her rescue pup, or planning her next trip.

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