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BlogTiny EscapesDublin fun facts & 5 can’t-miss Irish dishes
Tiny Escapes

Dublin fun facts & 5 can’t-miss Irish dishes

Mar 16, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Thanks to Tour Director Holly, we’re dreaming of the day when we can don a frothy Guinness mustache and take a stroll through the streets of Dublin.

In addition to the fun facts Holly shares in her video, did you also know Ireland is also an up-and-coming foodie destination? That’s right, you’ll enjoy so much more than just potatoes while traveling through the Emerald Isle. When you find yourself asking what to eat while in Ireland on a future tour, take some tips from our expert Tour Directors. They’re sharing the five types of food to try in Ireland.


1. Dublin coddle

This comforting dish is often made without a recipe, as its traditional purpose is to use up common Irish staples like potatoes, pork sausage, bacon (called “rashers”), and onions. The meat is boiled to create a stock that is then used to braise the vegetables.


2. Scones

Pronounced “scon” locally, Irish scones are a world away from those typically available in North America. Have yours at teatime with homemade jam and clotted cream, a thick dairy product that resembles something between whipped cream and butter.


3. A 99 ice cream

Let’s get this out of the way first: No one really knows where the name comes from. A simple vanilla soft serve with a Flake chocolate bar stuck in the top, it may have gotten its name from the address of a popular ice cream shop, the former price of a cone (99p), the approximate measurement of the specially made Flake (99mm), or the final wave of Italian conscripts in World War 1 (the Boys of 99). Ask for it with “monkey blood” if you want a drizzle of berry syrup on top.


4. Fish and chips

England may be the most famous place for fish and chips, but Irish cities like seaside Galway take this seafood favorite very seriously. In Dublin, head to a chipper (fish and chips shop) and order a “one and one”— short for “one of this, one of that,” you’ll receive an order of fried fish with a side of fries.


5. Brown bread

This dish is quite literally can’t-miss—the Irish eat this hearty soda bread with most main meals. Try it with an authentic Irish grass-fed butter like Kerrygold.

Feeling hungry for a trip to the Emerald Isle? Start planning a future trip to Ireland!

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