From Barcelona to Bari and Budapest, see how the season's celebrated across the best winter destinations in Europe.
Dance the flamenco in Spain
Seville is a European favorite for a holiday, and with winter afternoons as warm as 70 degrees, it’s easy to see why. Taking it slow is the order of the day (you might linger at an outdoor cafe for a late lunch) but at night, the city awakens. Catch a flamenco performance—the traditional dance filled with stamping, clapping and shouts—to get a glimpse of Spain at its most exuberant.
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A winter wanderer discovers Southern Italy
Go Ahead traveler Verna loves seeing the world in winter, and shared some of what she enjoyed best about her recent trip to Southern Italy. From the twinkling decorations in Sorrento and Puglia to the beautiful markets (and great weather), it was hard to pick a favorite—though winter cuisine is a standout in a country famous for its food. "You’re greeted with a roaring fire in a fireplace, wonderful wines and olive oils to taste," Verna said. "There is nothing like a fire to warm your toes, a fabulous glass of wine and a hearty meal. This is not to be missed!"
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A festive Christmas Market in Eastern Europe

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Winter celebrations the world over

In January, visit Jaipur to see the country’s colorful kite festival up close. Considered a lucky day, locals celebrate by flying kites and balloons in honor of the sun’s shift to a new astrological sign. Find out more the blog See it on tour