Soak up the Mediterranean sun, step back in time exploring Eastern Europe and surround yourself with fragrant flowers in the Low Countries—the best spring destinations in Europe are calling your name.
Charming Corfu, Greece
Situated off the coast of northwestern Greece, this island in the Ionian Sea is famous for its gorgeous scenery and quaint feel. From the narrow streets in the historic Old Town to the greenery and mountains stretching as far as the eye can see, Corfu is full of can’t-miss views. Due to centuries of Venetian rule, Italian influence can be felt in everything from the cuisine to the architecture here. When you’re not taking in your surroundings, be sure to sample the fresh olive oil that's harvested from some of the island’s many groves.
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Tiptoe through the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens
When winter snow has melted away, locals in the Netherlands emerge to make the most of all that spring has to offer. This is the prime season for visiting Keukenhof Gardens, where thousands of flowers are blossoming and at their most gorgeous. “All you can see are tulips in bloom, forming colorful row after row,” says Lynne, Regional Director of Go Ahead Canada, who captured her experience in the photo above. “It’s truly a stunning sight.”
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