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Must-see travel destinations

Must-see travel destinations

12 must-see places for your “can’t-miss” list

There’s always a new place to go. That’s exactly what our must-see destinations list celebrates. This year's must-see travel destinations are a mix of the classics, up-and-coming locations, and trending spots. Hear why our team's favorites made the cut—and get inspired to explore these top travel destinations.

Picking our must-see places

Curious about what goes into choosing our annual must-see travel destinations list? (Check out last year's picks here.) Well, a lot!

A location only makes the first cut when we've explored it in-depth to ensure an incredible tour experience awaits. Then, we consider "buzzworthiness" with help from our Market Innovation & Development Team who's on top of all—and we mean ALL—the travel industry trends. Finally, we gather input from travelers and staffers in our offices around the world and, voilà! The list comes to life.

Lael K.
VP of Market Innovation & Development — "I've visited over 50 countries, so picking a favorite place isn't always easy. But this year, it has to be Tokyo! Along with the excitement of the Olympics, there's also so much to see and do in the city."
Heidi D.
President, EF Go Ahead Tours — “Finding the local specialty is a can’t-miss experience for me when traveling. France (especially Provence!) is my must-see pick for incredible food and equally incredible scenery.”
Lori R.
Manager, Traveler Support Team — "Galway is such a fun city, and it's the perfect jumping-off point to see the Cliffs of Moher."