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Live from Reykjavik, Iceland

Learn about the Northern Lights with an Icelandic Tour Director

1 hour
Group size
Up to 20 people

Hear from a Tour Director in Iceland and find out how to see the northern lights!

What are the northern lights, you ask? This special Online Escape with a local expert from Reykjavik, Iceland, will allow you to experience this nighttime phenomenon from the comfort of home (and will give you the tools to see them in person on tour in Iceland!). Join Go Ahead Tour Director Fiffi for a full presentation on the northern lights, including northern lights facts, how to see the northern lights, and more. Did you know it’s easier to first catch a glimpse of the northern lights on a camera, before your eyes can even adjust to see them? As an avid photographer who’s successfully spotted this natural phenomenon countless times, Fiffi has a lot of photos to share and stories to tell. Learn about what makes the northern lights and what it’s like to see them in person on tour in Iceland. After learning about the science of the northern lights, hear some of the Icelandic legends behind the phenomenon. As a country with a strong mythical heritage, it’s no wonder that trolls and elves were thought to be crucial to northern lights sightings in Iceland. From the science to the mythology to Fiffi’s expert photography tips, this Online Escape will teach you all you need to know about how to see the northern lights on tour.

Shared real-time experiences

Online Escapes are livestreamed, so you’ll use your computer, phone, or tablet to connect with your host and others around the world.

What you'll need to participate

  • An internet connection
  • A device that can stream audio & video

We also recommend bringing

  • A curiosity about what makes the northern lights (and a desire to see them in person!)

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