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Live from Costa Rica

A Coffee-making Masterclass from Costa Rica

1 hour
From $25.00
Group size
Up to 18 people

Visit a Costa Rican coffee plantation for a coffee-making lesson

Ever wonder how coffee is made? Join naturalist and expert Guillermo for a virtual visit to go behind the scenes of a Costa Rican coffee farm. You’ll go beyond brewing and see how your favorite cup of coffee goes from bean to your mug at breakfast. To show you how coffee is made, Guillermo will invite you to a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. He’ll show you how the coffee plant grows, how coffee beans are picked, how the beans are dried, and more. You’ll also learn how coffee export is an essential part of Costa Rica’s economy, and get a look into the lives of the workers who live on the plantation. Of course, once you learn how coffee is made, you’ll want to brew your own perfect cup. Guillermo will show you how to do that, too! Get his tips for making a café Americano at home—plus see a special surprise lesson on a favorite coffee drink. You’ll have to tune in to find out what it is!

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What you'll need to participate

  • An internet connection
  • A device that can stream audio & video

We also recommend bringing

  • A French press (or an automatic coffee machine!)
  • Your favorite mug

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