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As travelers, we're always on the lookout for our next journey, whether it's exploring new destinations or revisiting a well-loved favorite. To help you find yours, we've taken our latest tours and created a series of adventures that are filled with immersive experiences—no matter if you're looking to gaze up at classic sights, surround yourself with stunning scenery, delve into captivating history, get a taste of the local flavor or explore exotic shores. Using the adventure categories below, follow your passions to find the tour that's best for you.
Admiring the classics
Iconic moments await in some of the world's most sought-after countries, regions and cities. Take in views of the Eiffel Tower, stand in awe of the Colosseum or go for a ride on the London Eye—create lasting memories as you soak up the iconic sights.
For the timeless traveler, these new tours are filled with moments of wonder:
The making of a multi-destination tour
"We wanted to combine these well-known hubs of culture—London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen—with the lesser-known, but equally interesting Antwerp and Hamburg. Each city that the tour visits has a fascinating story that connects back to the trip as a whole."
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Exploring scenic vistas
Surround yourself with stunning landscapes for a truly breathtaking escape. Discover moments of natural wonder on journeys beneath the shadow of towering mountains, along windswept coastlines and past magnificent canyons.
For the nature lover, these new tours take you to some of the world's most scenic spots:​
Bay of Fundy, Canada tour
Nova Scotia, Canada tour
Venturing into the Canadian Maritimes
"We chose to feature the Maritimes because they remain a frontier of the North American continent. This tour is one of our favorites because it allows travelers to explore the remote cliffs, stunning shorelines and small-town charm of Canada's most easterly provinces."
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Journeying through the past
New history tours
The sites where front lines once fought and legendary figures walked bring history to life. Step back in time as you chart your way through history, making stops at storied battlefields, significant sites and notable landmarks along the way.
For the historian, these new tours bring the past to life:​
Boston history tour
A journey through American history
"As we developed the tour, I was able to learn more about these cities in-depth. And what I was surprised to find was that even though I’d spent some time in each of these towns in the past, I had only just scratched the surface. What I found was that in standing where the Founding Fathers once stood in Independence Hall or entering the U.S. Capitol Building, where laws have been made for hundreds of years, the unique history and culture of each place was brought to life."
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Making cultural connections
New cultural tours
Soak up a different way of life while acquainting yourself with new customs, traditions and people. Fully immerse yourself in the fabric of your destination by getting to know it while taking part in traditions, tasting regional cuisine and meeting the locals.
For the sociologist, these new tours bring you up close to local cultures and new experiences:​
Florence cultural tour
A week in Florence
"Because of its unique artistic legacy, beautiful architecture and delicious local cuisine, Florence rivals iconic Italian cities like Rome and Venice in popularity. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, there are plenty of famous museums and galleries to explore. And with a plethora of culinary and wine options, it’s the perfect place to spend a week."
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Seeking out excitement
New adventure tours
Once in a lifetime thrills abound in exotic locations and familiar surroundings alike. Thrills like canoeing along a jungle river, snorkeling in clear tropical waters and interacting with Cuban locals make your adventurous side come alive.
For the intrepid spirit, these new tours bring you to exciting destinations:​
Cuban architecture tour
Cuban vintage cars tour
Bringing Cuba to life
"We wanted to provide a chance for travelers to get a strong sense of Cuba, and with the myriad of opportunities to engage with Cuban locals that this itinerary provides, we are able to do just that. Each day of the tour has interactive experiences to look forward to—discussing Cuban history with an art historian, seeing how cigars are made at a local factory, engaging with Trova musicians in Santa Clara, learning about Havana’s famous vintage cars."
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