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A country’s culinary traditions reveal much more than what’s on the dinner table—recipes, customs and cooking methods all tell the history of the region and the people who live there. Each of our Food & Wine Tours includes opportunities to taste local culture, along with guided sightseeing of must-visit areas and local insight into the best of each destination.

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About our Food & Wine Tours

Food & Wine Tours go beyond authentic cuisine to include culturally immersive, culinary-focused activities, sightseeing tours and visits.

Try your hand at making local specialties with the help of experienced chefs.

Sommeliers and experts in local cuisine guide you through tastings and group meals in authentic settings.

Delve deeper into each destination, from hidden-away hilltowns to up-and-coming traveler favorites.

Seek out authentic tastes in open-air markets, pastry shops, family-run farms and more.

Visit iconic landmarks and must-visit areas on guided sightseeing tours.

Take the time to make your own discoveries.

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Special Event Tours offer a unique look at a destination through the lens of a global festival or event.
Join local revelers in toasting their culinary traditions on these three food- and wine-themed itineraries.