Customized Tours with Go Ahead

Want to trace your family's heritage through Europe or explore the Amazon with your fellow adventurers? With just 14 travelers or more, you can take a Customized Tour by building on an existing tour itinerary or creating your own from scratch. In addition to the benefits of all Go Ahead tours—handpicked hotels, guided sightseeing, 24/7 support, private transportation and more—Customized Tours offer a personalized experience and your own dedicated Tour Director to show you around. We’ll help you design your own tour, whether that means coordinating your visit around a special event or adding excursions exclusively for your group.

Make your tour your own

When you travel on a Customized Tour, you can tailor your trip to the interests of
your group and count on a personalized experience every step of the way.

A completely unique experience

Customized Tours allow you to create the perfect itinerary for your group. No detail is too small; work closely with our Customized team to design your dream tour.

An itinerary built around your passion

History, literature, wildlife—is there something that your group of friends, coworkers or family is especially intrigued by? Delve deeper into the things that fascinate you with an itinerary based on your interest.

An exclusive group adventure

It takes a minimum of just 14 travelers to qualify for a Customized Tour—and your group can be as large as you'd like.

Exploration at your own pace

Whether you'd like to take time to discover destinations or move quickly from place to place, your Tour Director will guide you every step of the way at a pace that works for your group's energy level.

Flexible options

Choose the date that works best for your group to travel and tell us what you'd like to do—we're here to help make your dream trip a reality.


My travelers love Customized Tours because they have a
personal approach and are planned specifically for
them. One of my favorite experiences on a Customized Tour
was an evening outing to a fishing village outside of
Palermo. We walked by the shore and along narrow
streets before tasting lovingly served Sicilian
seafood dishes at a local restaurant."

– Eldora P.,  Go Ahead Group Coordinator